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Thanksgiving Project(?)


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July 11, 2002
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Indianapolis, Indiana
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1993 XLT
Hey all i've been kicking around an idea of building a rear tube bumper for my 93'. A buddy of mine has one on his F-150 I think he might have built it too and it's strong as heck. My thought was two tubes parallel to each other about 2" apart. I kinda like the idea cause I know the stock bumpers aren't extremely strong and I think it would give me more of a departure angle..(always good when your not lifted an extreme amount). And possibly remove the stock splash gaurds and wrap the bumper around with a some kinda taper to protect the body alittle. Don't know if it would look good. I don't have a tube bender so i'm not sure if wrapping it around would look good, it is still a daily driver. Any thoughts, comments, pictures of yours??