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The Good, The Bad and The Dilemma!


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December 25, 2015
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Rutland, MA
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2010 Explorer
While new to the forum not new to Explorers. I had a Gen 4, V8 2006 EB that was loaded out with the Nav and DVD, etc. Used it for toy hauling and daily commute until youngest son totaled it. Everyone ok and surprised insurance company did scrap it, but they gave me an above average price because of the great shape it was in.

I was totally going to replace it with another Explorer, but no kids allowed this time!

In my hunt I focused on the Gen 4’s with V8 due to need to tow along with all my familiarity with this version and stockpile of some new parts that I was about to put into my 06. Lots of sales guys trying to convince me that the Gen 5’s with V6 could do the job but sorry, I am old school and V8 and frames are the way to go to tow (a number of these kids did not even know what a unibody is! No offense to the Gen 5 owners :D).

Found one that seemed too good to be true but price was too much mula: a 2010 Limited, loaded, only 51k miles(!!) but no Nav. Heck still had 6 month and 9K on the OEM drivetrain warranty! Got an alert on my gmail 2 weeks later and lo and behold they had dropped the price to 15.6k! Called them up, made arrangements to see next day (was 4 hrs away) and they came back and said was a mistake on the Web, but they would honor it. Spidy sense going crazy at that point but stuck to my plan. While it was at a dealer in NJ, this car had spent most of its life in FLA > zero rust! 3 Hrs of inspection later, including creepy crawler under the car (they told me no one had ever done that before :eek:), I determined it was as it appeared - mint! - and I bought it. Note: I had previously done all the homework on the VIN.

The Good: I now have back my Explorer and it does not have those power folding running boards which I suspect would be a headache during our New England winters. And it should last me a good long time!

The Bad: no Nav. When wife and I get away, we tow with two rigs: I pull the camper with the Expedition and she the toys with the Explorer. She takes the lead in order to scout out gas stations and eats where the 33 foot camper and Expy can fit. And since we are always exploring the NE and NY areas the Nav is a must. And frankly doing it with an iPhone really sucks.

The Dilemma: to OEM or Aftermarket the Nav.

So that is my intro along with married over 30 years, served in US Navy (submarines) for a good portion of it, and now a working guy that will retire in another 8 or 10 years. I enjoy doing most of my own work as I was a mechanic in the late 70’s early 80's before school and Navy. I’ll start another post re: Nav dilemma to see what experience and recommendations folks have.

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Welcome to the forums, and to jump right into your dilemma, it really isn't much of a dilemma at all. I would buy a Garmin with the large screen and call it a day. I have a 2016 Explorer, and it has the built in navigation. It is faster for me to program my Garmin, than it is to fiddle with the built in navigation. It also have voice recognition, but apparently, I don't speak the same language as the lady that is talking back to me, and it take multiple tries before we can agree where we are going. My Garmin sits on a bean bag type of mount, on top of the dash, and plugs into the cigarette lighter, or can be powered by the USB port.
Too bad that you didn't buy back your old Explorer, because you probably could have transferred a lot of the accessories to your new car. Contact your insurance company, because it might still be sitting at the salvage pool waiting to be sold, and you might still be able to get it back. It is worth a try if you think that there is enough good parts on it, and you have a place to store it. Like you, I am also a car guy, and love my cars, especially those from the 1960's, that I still own and drive.

thanks and I gave a lot of thought to the buy back but did not make sense for us for a number of reasons. Appreciate the feedback on the Garmin, but I'm still hesitant. Which model is it?

And how I wish I still had my 65 GOAT!