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Navigation Unit INSTALLED (Jukebox OEM type)


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December 25, 2015
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2010 Explorer
If you are looking to install an OEM Nav unit in your late model Gen 4, check out my (now solved) dilemma in the 'Modified' section titled “The (Navigations) Dilemma!” at

I go thru my thinking of OEM vs Aftermarket, the costs therein, lessons learned and more...


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Your Nav should be the same as the 2009 which seems to need a special DVD to update. We just got a 2009 and the original owner never updated it (still 1.0x) LOL No not really $200 for an update is way too much. Got to be a hack to load a different one for it.

The Jukebox type does not have the built in DVD for the maps like my 2006 did... if your 09 is same as '10 then only choice from what I have found is the "Here" aka NavTeq update discs for $140. I have talked (recently) to the folks that do provide aftermarket discs for my 06 Explorer (which is no more) and my 07 Expedition and they keep saying "not yet". But I suspect it will never be...
And I agree it is a lot of bucks, but in for a penny...

Its not quite like the 2006 nor later models which use an SD card. It loads a DVD into the system updating the maps. I am guessing there is a HD or larger memory storage within the NAV system. The DVD is then removed. Instructions I have found indicate the Application Code in the display is used to run the install. Somehow it appears the package is coded to the vehicle's NAV. (which implies its specifically burnt by NavTeq for it alone) and not suppose to work with your buddies explorer either. LOL

correct. when I ordered the Map Updates I had to provide the Application Code which I understand is unique to each system. And for these Jukebox style there is no permanent storage of the DVD like in my (former) 2006 Explorer or my 2007 Expedition. You load it up and then remove it > so all gets stored on the unit's internal hard drive..

Mine was at Version 2.0X and after the update is 9.0X

I know for $140 its a lot and some folks wonder if worth it. For me it did have some local road changes that happed a few years ago and its reflected in the 9.0 version, so good, not sure about all the POIs but I assume those updated as well.

I have read other posts where folks call NavTeq (now Here) and ask if such and such a road has been updated and they (NavTeq/Here) do not provide that info so a little bit of a crap shoot to spend the $$ and hope the updates are there...

So if someone wants me to look at a particular area, PM me with an address I can put in to the Nav Unit and then what scale to zoom to and I'll take a pic and send it along.

I am a big fan of OEM equipemnt. Everybody tells me that for 200 bucks I can get a nice unit with live updates, but I just hate the stick-on units. Even if I have to pay for an update every few years. Luckily on my 06 it's much cheaper.

Lucky on your system.

Ford shouldn't be charging more than $50 anyway. In Australia they get it free at the moment. LOL

Awesome for you guys down under!

These updates are like any software, the first copy costs a lot of bucks to make, but all the rest after that are free so to speak

And while they are doing updating, so its costing on their side, I completely agree should be something reasonable, like $50 and I am sure is still turning a profit.... I wonder if they ever did a 'what if' as in what if $50 how many more copies would they sell...

but at $140 they just piss people off and they remember that so next time car shopping they shy away from OEM upgrades such as Nav units and go the smartphone or aftermarket route. Silly strategy IMO


Been living with this OEM retrofit for last 4 years now. Recall I wanted to go with OEM to have the full functionality of SYNC and the steering wheel buttons, dimming lights, etc. plus actual physical knobs and buttons (vs soft slides and buttons) so went to the effort to do an OEM retrofit along with an aftermarket ‘CanOpener’.

Regrets? Not one. The seamless integration with SYNC and the steering wheel buttons along with the ability to have the large screen Nav let alone the large capacity of the Jukebox has all been worth it. Add to that the CanOpener functionality of being able to input a Nav destination while in motion (passenger wife does this!) or keep on the rear camera while trying to hitch have been an added bonus!

And as the mileage starts to add up, thinking about getting a ‘communicator vehicle’ for my last few years of working to save this great Gen 4 Explorer for towing the boat for as long as I can keep it going….