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The start of a new addiction

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Took it out for a good testing today for the first time!! So far so good so we'll see how good our first trail trip goes on memorial weekend



Well it's been a year, ALOT has been done to my project, started the cage last month, got the 1350/1354 doubler in got a winch and getting parts gatherd for full width axles and 3 or 4 link in the rear.. may stretch the wheel base a few inches so we'll see



Well things are starting the get more serious.. started the mock up of the Dana 44 tonight. Got some of the main brackets tacked in place and it'll be around a 110 wheel base with the front stretched, fenders will have the get cut obviously to accommodate for the tires




Thanks.. came out of a 79 f250 and converting it to 5 lug using bronco/f150 knuckles and everything out, I put in a Spartan locker and 4.88 gears and a full width 8.8 will go in the rear as well to match

Thanks.. I have a diff thread of it with the full widths in.. I had to cut up my grill since I moved the front axle forward about five inches, the tires would have rubbed the headlights basically



Nice work! Good pics. Your pictures give me a lot of ideas for my future project, Mountain Mounty.

Thanks.. yeah it's def not your average explorer anymore lol.. I refused to get a Jeep since I'm a Ford guy and wanted something different out on the trail and rocks

Hope the heater is still hooked up. Amazing craftsmanship.

No I tore the heater out haha.. I don't wheel in the winter because I store my expedition for the winter and don't want salt and rust taking over on it