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timing chain...4.6L


November 12, 2007
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93 XLT
i just did the timing chains, guides and tensioners on my friends 2003 mercury mountaineer, got it all back together and about two weeks later the mountaineer started making the same noise but less noisy this time, so i took it back apart to find the passenger side chain had slack in it. i took the crank bolt and put it in the end of the crank and turned it with a ratchet and at certain points the chain would tighten up again and then keep turning it and it would have slack and only the passenger side is doing it, im stuck on this one... any help would be greatly appreciated and all the parts are new. timing is right as well because the truck starts up and runs fine other than the chain having slack

Sounds like the tensioner is bad.

im not sure if it is, i tried the new tensioner and old one and same result