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Tire Size Upgrade

Welcome to the Forum Vytas.:wavey:
I had a Limited with 255/50R20 OEM tires ad for Winter I bought the Base model 17" steel wheels and used 245/65R17 tires. Not sure if the 17" wheels will fit the later model Explorers but there is a member that was able to put that 17" wheel on a Sport.


Thank you for the welcome! :) Just traded in my subaru outback, hopefully won't be disappointed in explorer...;) Mine is also with 20 inch wheels and I'm thinking to go to 18 and probably good all season tires like nokians, prices for 20 inch tires are insane! :eek: 18's are better and 235/65 18 for what ever reason are really cheap compared.. Yes, I've read you posts somewhere about 17 steel rims, I'll have to chose that with winters, keep 20's for the summer or just go 18 and dump the 20 :scratch:

Has anyone tried 235/65 R18 tires? I just got an explorer with summer tires and need to get something for the winter.. I'd like something narrower for the winter. And also it seams that this size is way cheaper for what ever reason than original size. What do you think, will it work?

Those are the size I have on my Nissan Murano, and they are very close to the stock 245 60 R18 on the XLT. So, for that reason, you should have no problem whatsoever running them on the Explorer.

I stayed away from 20" wheels on both my Explorer and Murano because the cost is so high vs the 18" and I think you get a small improvement in ride quality.

"and I think you get a small improvement in ride quality"
I did notice that when running the 17" in place of the 20" on the Limited. Going with 18's in place of the OEM 20's for Winter on the MKT.