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Transfer Case Issues


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August 15, 2010
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96 Explorer 4x4 Sport
96 4x4 Sport, OHV, 2wd, 4w auto, 4wl

Seems as if my transfer case isn't seated right under the truck. It just rattles around and BANGS with every rotation of the drive shaft when I have it in 4WD. I can see it jump and shift a good 2 or 3 inches when the truck gets put in gear (R or D)

I have some questions.

1. Is there a mount on the transfer case?
2. Is there a thread on how to remove the transfer case?

Thanks everyone!

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The mount is on the transmission, not the transfer case.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

In both 4W auto and Lo, when the 4wd engages, the transfer case under me goes BANG BANG BANG very violently. I don't get any other noises or anything else at anytime, other than when 4WD is engaged...

Think my differential is bad?

Did it just start doing this? After a spirited offroad outing maybe?
If it's just the transfer case moving, the bolts that connect the transfer case to the transmission could be loose. If the trans is also moving the trans mount might need to be replaced. Could also be the chain inside the transfer case, or the front u joints. I doubt it would be the differential.

It happened suddenly on an outting, about a month ago. I don't think the trans is moving, as I have no issues other than in 4WD.

You should definitely check the drive-shafts, if you have not already done so. And check the transmission mount, and the transfer case mounting bolts, and the fluid also.

The fluid is newly swapped. I'll do the things suggested and come back to this post. It only does this when 4WD engages in 4WAuto and does it on every rotation in 4Wlo

OK, so definitely check the output bearings on the case. I believe the case must be pulled to check the input bearing.

PS: How was that fluid looking when you swapped it?

It looked good. Dark Red. could have gone much further.