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Transfer case Question


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January 3, 2009
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Lynchburg, Ohio
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95 Ranger Super 4.0 4x4

I have a 96 Explorer, 4.0, with the 4405 transfer case. It is a bit confusing to me because the control on the dash has 2wd/4wh/4wl. It doesn't say "Auto" anywhere, nor do I have a neutral position for the transfer case. Everything looks original. BTW, I have a 5 speed manual transmission.
My question is, is it possible to disable the transfer case to prevent it from going into 4wd? The transfer case that is in it right now has the popping sound when going slow and I think it was damaged from the previous owner by driving it engaged. When I bought it the front axle was engaged and I had to unlock it by attaching a vacuum pump to it. Now that I have the front unlocked, I am going to replace the transfer case, but I do not want it to work.
What are my options? Could I leave the front driveshaft off, or remove the chain from the transfer case itself? If I can remove the chain, I could use the old transfer case and not disturb the good one I have.
I have tried to use the search function, but has confused me a little more. Doesn't take a whole lot.
Also, do the tranfer cases from a manual and auto mate the same? Looks the same, and the numbers match, but I have learned that doesn't always mean they will bolt up.
Thanks for your help.

96 Explorer 4x4 Manual shift
95 Ranger Super 4x4 4R55E

Yes you can leave out the front driveshaft and you'll be just fine. Or alternatively, you can try the "Brown Wire Mod" wich is an electronic disconnect of the 4wd system (search for it if you're interested).


Thanks for the reply. I think I'll do the driveshaft for now. I had read about the brown wire mod, that will be a good rainy day project.
I just want to try to get my son back on the road.

Thanks again;