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Trouble removing door panel - need advice - thx


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January 20, 2009
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I have a 2006 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer - I'm trying to remove the driver's side door paneling - (did try but it would not pop off). I removed two screws at the bottom of the panel, two screws located inside the door handle, and two screws located inside the door opening mechanism/handle. Do I next lift up the whole panel and it pops right off, or, do I disconnect the two electrical connections for the lock and window? And if so, how do I disconnect the electrical connections? I would appreciate any advice - many thanks.


P.S. Noticed that the XLT door panel was different than the Eddie Bauer - repair manual shows the XLT model only.

If you look in my photo gallery you will see a bunch of pictures showing all the bolt locations. After you get all the bolts out you lift the panel upward.

You have to pull it up and off. It just takes a little bit of force. Then you can unplug the wires.

I have done this to all doors for speaker replacement. It is pretty easy. just pull up then out. I unplugged the window controls first just to save from pulling them out. And for those, it is similar to all other pugs in the car. there is a thing u need to push in and it should come right out.

Hope this helps

'06 Black Eddie