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Truck will move in park!!


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September 11, 2004
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Windham, Maine
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'93 XLT 250k miles
Hey, got a weird one here...

1992 Ranger STX 2.9L 4x4 A4LD.

This is not a problem that always happens, it's intermittent.

When I park up my driveway (35-40* incline) and put it into park and let off the brake it doesn;t "fall back" into park. If I hit the gas it pulls forward a little.

All I have to do is put it nito reverse and back into park and it's fine. It falls back onto the park pawl.

Now, it will only do this when parking UP an incline.

If I shut it off when it does this and start it back up it's in park.

My shifter is a little loose, shift linkage? Any adjustments?

Now when I put it into overdrive (only put it in when i need it). Sometimes it goes in hard, other times it goes in smooth as glass. Same with taking it out.

The tranny will once in a while do this if I downshift into 2nd from drive and back into drive. Not always though....
I have to grease the driveshaft slip yoke, because it clunks when taking off and stopping. Could this also cause the hard shifting once in a while?


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sounds like linkage to me.

you say when you put it into park, you can still drive forward?
did I read that correctly?

if so, that's definately a linkage.

yeah, my bets on linkage. could be something minor in it, i remember my dad's corvette, we used a hair pin to fix it until we got home.... man i wish i had that car (77 stingray)

It's not like it's still in gear. It's like you are trying to move but your parking brake is on.