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Truckhaven between Christmas and New Years

Mmmmm pizza and dressage!!!!

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We've had a light but steady rain the last 24hrs and may get some more over this weekend. Should make for nice dust free wheeling next week.

Had a great day of wheeling yesterday, perfect temps and little to no dust. Some areas of the ditches were still pretty muddy and the moist ground made for great traction.
Matt made an effortless run up CJ Hill, no wheelspin or anything. He also did the obstacle behind CJ Hill, the right line was a no go...he would've wiped out his door. Then he tried the left line and made that look easy as well.
We covered a lot of ground and even made it over to the "training area" since Matt had only seen it during construction.

No major breakage on this trip but I did have split in my sidewall. I filled it with 3 plugs and seems to be holding but I won't be driving on it anymore.
Also had a leaking rear diff problem. I recently changed the gear oil front and rear and the rear was leaking pretty bad. That diff cover must be warped or something cause I could never get it to completely seal.

A few pics