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turn signal


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April 6, 2011
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2003 sport trac
Hi everyone

I'm from quebec and i dont wrote in english very well but i fond this site very usefull

i've got a turn signal problem: when i put the left or right flasher my rear light flash together with my brake.
the flasher are ok in the front and i've try the check the wire in the dash under the collun and all the wire are ok.

help please:(:(

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are the bulbs ok, check grounds to the bulb socket also

Does it work OK with the steering wheel tilted all the way UP?

Signals to left only work with steering wheel tilted all the way up. And radio lights come and go as please. Can anyone help please..

Not sure bout radio light. Both signal problems-check wiring going into the top of the multi-switch on top of steering column. You'll have to remove the cladding around the column at the dash to see. The wiring gets pulled every time the wheel is tilted all the way down and sometimes damages the connections.