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unknown squeak when coasting at low speeds problem (HELP)


June 9, 2012
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1997 ford explorer XLT
i have a 1997 ford explorer xlt with the 4.0 sohc engine. My problem has been ocurring for about 3 months now. When driving at a low speed between 0-30 mph. its not the brakes as i have replaced them as well as machined all 4 rotors. When coasting its more of a pulsing squeak. It also goes the same speed of the wheel i have narrowed the noise down to the driver side wheel, but it could be echoing for all i know. For example its more of a "eeeee pause eeeeee pause eeee" as stupid as that sounds its literally like as if the brakes are rubbing or the caliper is grabbing some where but its not already removed and inspected that at my tire shop. The brake doesn't influence how it squeaks at all you step on the brake and all it does is slow the wheels causing the squeak to go the same as the wheel. I would appreciate any help that can determine what or i should say where this squeak could be coming from. I have also checked every bearing that could possibly make noise. Like i said its more of a noise such as the brake pad warning bar but its not. Thanks to any one who posts i appreciate it. :) :exporange