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US Vellular and Ford Sync


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April 8, 2011
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Ah ha, finally, 2 honest answers from Ford and US Cellular that confirms what my dealer's service department has told me ever since the "BIG" update.

FROM US CELLULAR, today; "appreciate you taking the time to email us regarding the Sync connection. I understand the importance of staying connected to family and friends. I have reviewed your request. I show at this time that U.S. Cellular® does not show compatibility with Sync Services through Ford. I regret that I am unable to state when this service may be available. I truly apologize for the frustrations this issue has caused you".

FROM SYNC CHAT, yesterday;
"you: Hello, I am having trouble with Vehicle Health Report and getting MapQuest directions to my vehicle 2011 Ford Explorer The dealer says no problem with vehicle ,does US Cellular have a problem connecting to Ford Sync?
Dennis: Yes, they do, we have issues with running the report through U S Cellular. We are working with them, but do not have a resolution as of yet.
you: I just called US Cellular and they say they are unaware of this issue. When will this be resolved? I cannot continue with this situation.
you: What has to be done by US Cellular? If I may ask.
you: I also cannot connect to Services via voice command, also US Cellular?
Dennis: I am not sure, I was told that there is a issue with the way the call is dialed through the U S cellular towers"