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Using rubberized undercoating on plastic?


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January 7, 2002
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'92 Explorer XL 4x4
My front valance on my Explorer is from a Ranger. Its grey and all the other trim on the Explorer is black.

Would there be any problems with me painting the grey valance with rubberized undercoating to make it match the black trim?


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I don't think there should be any problem with it. Just prep it well before you spray. I'm also thinking baout Herculining the lower part of my Explorer (including the plastic bits).

Just keep it away from your hootus! do I go about preping the plastic? just clean it? Thanks.

Yeah, just use some rubbing alcohol or similar to clean it. Also, if it's really slick plastic, sand it a bit to rough it up.

Some types of rubber undercoating never really harden. They will stay soft and rub off or scratch very easily. Use paint with flex additive.

Will it say it on the can? I used this rubberized undercoating on the back of my interior panels for sound deadening and its you think this will work? Thanks.

why rubberize plastic?
if its to match other rubberizing on the truck, then give it a shot.

If not and you just want it shiny black again use spray paint. I keep the black plastic pieces on my 88 looking new with black paint once a yeear or perfect.

I bet Herculiner would stick to thjat sucker, probably make it a little stiffer...I have found the spray ruybberize stuff comes off easily, at least from my metal bumpers (mistake)....

Sweet.......Im planning on using it on that valance to match the color. Thanks.