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Very Loud ticks on hot 4.0L SOHC


January 19, 2011
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Detroit, MI
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94 Explorer XLT 4 door 4w
Had issue with ticks noise and replaced exhaust manifold gasket seem to help little but still. Before that bad gasket it would roar exhaust leak if rpm were higher 3K.

Noise wasn't loud on cold or cool down engine. After drive highway pull over on driveway it TICK so loud that I can hear. It coming from Passenger side. I really don't think it timing chain cause engine start cool down like 3-4 mins Ticks become less noise if I can listen though my hear aid.

I believed middle of engine are very loud or Cat convertor? I am deaf so I really don't know where actual ticks from.

I have video if anyone could tell me it exhaust leak or DREAD TIMING CHAINS:mad:

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It sounds like the timing chain for sure.

There's an extremely loud hiss, like a vacuum leak. Also seems like the Intake is very loud.

With the shape of that engine I would replace it with a newer one with the upgraded timing tensioners. It looks like your rear main seal might be bad as well. And it does sound like the death rattle.

Oil coming from upper oil pan since we replaced rear main seal.

I thought about replace engine with newer and be done it.

After quick inspection.

Hose from intake manifold to pvc are colpass so I suspect bad PVC.

I can't find hiss from but it had new o-rings on it. Gas mileage went up little and engine light go away. Before bad intake o-rings it will say 1 bank 2 bank lean.

Ticks I really don't think it timing chain but I heard rattle coming from front driver side without oil cap on it. When overnight you could moving timing chain to side/side with finger.

Exhaust manifold warping so going replaced that with other one it leak exhaust out gasket you could see it.