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Waggy and Full size Bronco axle width needed


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January 27, 2004
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Lodi, CA
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90 BII 4.0 Conversion
Im looking to go full width axles if everything is close enough. Want to go full width HP44 put of a Jeep waggy and an 8.8 out of a Full size bronco is measurments are good enough.
What is the axle width of a HP44 out of a Jeep Waggy. Also what is the width in a full size Bronco for an 8.8. one more thing 8.8 width from an X.Couldnt find much of anything on width and was hoping you guys would know.

My X measures 54" +- 1/4" from inside to inside flange where the backing plate (drum brakes) bolt on.

Wms to wms (wheel mounting aurface) on a stock explorer is about 59 3/4" and the full size ford axle HP44 is about 6" more than than stock.