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Weird Thump


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March 21, 2003
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hey i dunno wuts wrong but when u turn my ignition off my subs thump rilly loud. Is this because my amp is cheap or what? Whats wrong?

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It's backfiring, an explosion through the carburator......I have no idea actually.

I've had other speakers make popping noises when plugging and unplugging electrical items on the same circuit as my computer and/or stereo, but don't know what causes it.

my speakers used to do that
what side do you have your remote wire and Rca cables running?

if they are on the same side. that could cause the problem. thats how i fixed mine

Sounds like its just the Amp turning off. My sub for my computer speakers does that too.

A common cause of this is a bad ground, the thump you hear is the amp's circuitry stabilizing.

It sounds worse than it is, but it is usually remedy-able. Poke around and you can find delay modules that moderate your amp power to take care of it.

If you're handy with a soldering iron, you might find This handy as well.

one thing that i would suggest is tracing your remote turn on lead for the amp. my friends came loose and sometimes it would do the same thing. The ground is probably the cause though but i would check out both.