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What are your IAT, ECT, and TFT readings?


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February 25, 2002
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San Diego, Ca
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1996 V8 Ranger 4x4
Testing out the RangePloder and got the following readings on a 60-70 degree day.

IAT 80s on the freeway and 110 stop and go (intake air temp)

ECT in the 190s during all conditions (engine coolant temp)

TFT 140-158 (transmission fluid temp)

The only thing that concerns me is the IAT. I have a KKM intake and it sucks up the warm underhood air. Is this a big power loss? Should I try to duct in colder air somehow?

The IAT and ECT are where they should be. If you went back to the stock air-box your IAT will be about 5 degrees cooler. Once the outside temperature gets above 90, you won't feel much difference between your stock air box and open air intake. These are my experiences with my scanner and open air intake living in Phoenix area. My scanner won't read my transmission fluid temperature unfortunately.