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What in the world is this noise!!!!!!!

the way i found my 04 had the rear whine was this.

After you drove 10 miles ish/ fluid warmed up do this.

get about 55mph, litely give it gas and listen, let off and it goes away, give it a little gas and you hear the hum again, let off and it goes away.

Reason i am saying drive it a little, is the ford tech took it out the day after i dropped it off and couldnt hear nothing. Told me to run it up and down the x way to warm it up and then he hopped in and went for a ride and we heard the noise.

Good luck

Thats funny, I just bought a 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer with 70k on it, and have the SAME exact problem. Luckily mine is under warranty from the ford dealer and its in the shop right now getting fixed. They said it sounded like a wheel bearing from what i told them, and theyve had it for 4 hours and havnt called yet. So im hoping theyre putting in a nice new free wheel bearing for me right now :D . Ill post when i get the truck back and let you know what it was making the noise