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What size torx bit for head bolts?


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August 21, 2001
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kansas city, mo
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1993 Exploder sport
I have a '93 exploder that is using coolant in #1 cylinder. I have removed all the accessories (ac, ps pump, etc...) and am about ready to remove the lwr intake plenum and head. What size torx bit are used on the head bolts? Looks like a weird size....like every other screw & bolt on this German built engine! Thanks in advance for the help.

By the way, the exhaust manifold bolt are a real joy to remove.....and they cost $10 per bolt at the dealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I thought it was a 12-point socket.

I got mine at Sears or Osh... one of the two.. wasnt hard to find at all. Was big though... cant remember the size...sorry... Just take your new bolt in to compare sizes (You have to replace the head bolts with new ones.... NO USING OLD BOLTS!)


P.S. I bought a bolt set online somewhere... err... hmmm... I think Carparts.com. Got it cheap. Also try Ford Parts Network... that is if you have the time.



What did you do with your AC unit? I didnt know I had to drain it and just tried to remove it..... BOOM! hehe. I was wondering what you did so ther is no explosion next time.


I got the torx bit size from another site...real good site too...ford-trucks.com. It is a T-55 for those that might want to know.
I wanted the bit size right away because the headbolts are on order (a week or so), and if I need to order a new head I can find out right away.
Let me clarify about the ac unit....I unbolted it from the block but did not disconnect the hoses. Read you shop manual....I think it's in bold letters. The unit is hanging by wire hooked to the hood latch hole. The ps unit is sitting where the radiator use to be....still hooked up, of course.

My manual didnt mention that...it was all...remove ac compressor. So I did... and then BOOM! So I looked up AC Compressor... and there it said I had to have a shop drain it out first. Hehe... oh well. I dont remember.... but you can get the heads out without removing the AC compressor? How do you get it out of the way? Hmmm... this might be useful information... I was thinking about having some head work done.