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Which superchargers will fit our 4.6L's?

hey just wondering what the most powerfull supercharger that will fit my '04 4.6l explorer limited without having to modify the hood? Also will there be any other major gear i will need eg intercooler? (trying to do it on the cheap).
thanks for any assistance

if you read over the thread, it answers all your questions.

2.1L KB, Eaton M90. Saleen Series IV Will clea your hood. You will need upgraded MAFs, Injectors, and bigger fuel pump or booster, as well as a new air tube (obviously).

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I fit the 2.2 liter Kenne Bell blower under the hood without any clearance issues. It is a MUCH more powerful blower compared to the 2.1 liter Kenne Bell due to there being some major design differences between the two. With as much room as I had between the hood and the 2.2 blower I would think that you could fit one of the newer big bore Kenne Bell blowers which displace 2.6 and 2.8 liters respectively. So technically answering "which is the most powerful blower that can fit"? Probably a 2.8 Kenne Bell. However, I HIGHLY doubt your goals will neccessitate that blower as it is good past 1000 hp. The 2.2 liter blower that is currently in my Exploder is good past 650rwhp with supporting mods. I doubt you plan to go that far so it would be best to approach looking for a blower more from a "what is the best for my own goals for this vehicle" rather than "what is the most powerful". Catch my drift? At any point over 400rwhp you will be upgrading one hell of allot of stuff within the vehicle and the overall project cost will triple overnight. My suggestions is that unless you have the money (aka $30k), time (**** ton of time), and really want a high hp Explorer to just keep it simple with a blower bolton like the Kenne Bell 1.7 or 2.1 liter (or equivalent) that will still be able to make upwards of 400rwhp but can be pullied down to a reliable 360-380rwhp for reliable street use without need to upgrade your transmission, engine, or rear end. Allot of this stuff has already been covered in depth by my and a few others many times over in this forum. Go on and take a look around here and do a little searching. If you want to save yourself some time then just cross reference whatever search you are doing about a blower with my name. Honestly I have been answering questions about kit and custom installs of blower on Explorer's for years on here. Good luck.

thanks for your help guys, much appreciated

I dont wanna steal this thread but what about SC for the $.0 V6's are they worth the money. what about compression would I need to lower it.

I dont wanna steal this thread but what about SC for the $.0 V6's are they worth the money. what about compression would I need to lower it.

Explorerexpress.com has you covered for the 4.0 supercharger kit. You do not need to do anything other than bolt on the kit and burn rubber:D

The '04 also has the drive by wire throttle body. Will this be the restriction point when installing the S/C?

Drive by wire throttle bodies can be tuned and after a blower you'd need a tune anyway... throttle body upgrades are usually worth big power gains on twin screw flowers...

i think he was thinking Diameter. There are no aftermarket DW throttle bodys available, and most 4.6L superchargers are ported to 75mm's, or even the dual 65's... so the stock drive by wire on the 04+'s is a huge restriction in power. best year to mod? is an 03.

Here's a 75 mm throttle body for '04-'06 F-150's with 4.6. Sure does look like it's a drive by wire one in the picture. I'd think it would work on the Explorer. I'd love to get one but $299 is a bit too much to spend for me.


Here's a pic of it........


  • 1758_70mm_throttle_body_2004_2005_f_series_expedition_bbk_performance_parts-398x.jpg
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Nice find on the throttle body. I read the install instructions and it does state to remove the throttle body electric motor and TPS.

Does anybody know anything about this kit and if I can modify the included TB to work with the drive by wire or if anyplace sells a replacement TB that would work with this kit?


OR: Anybody know how convert back to an '03 throttle pedal ass'y and dump the drive by wire crap, which is what I would rather do anyway, and I don't have a need for the cruise control to work. The physical stuff I would think is pretty straightforward. It's the ECM stuff that gets me nervous.