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Will a '98 5.0 manifold fit a '96 5.0?


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July 24, 2005
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'96 XLT 5.0
I have a 1996 ford explorer 5.0L, my right hand side manifold is cracked, and im getting tired of the ticking. someone has a manifold for sale from a '98 5.0 limited.

will the 98 manifold fit my 96?

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Yes, but the passenger side one will have an port for the EGR tube. So it would have to be plugged up.

Section, I am asking because I don't know, but the 96 5.0L manifolds are for the non P heads.
The 98 will have P heads, so I assume you are saying the manifoldsfit both heads?

It makes sense I just want to be sure, I know the TM headers will fit both heads.
The angle of the spark plug is the only difference?

can i ask what the egr port and the egr tube does?..i really have no idea.


Everything you ever wanted to know about EGR.

IN 96-mid 97 the 5.0L EGR was external (metal tube from top of pass side manifold to intake)

IN 97.5+ the 5.0L used the "P" heads, and the EGR is plumbed internally, through the heads and into the intake (no tube)

I think you got those backwards? :p

Yup I do sorry, hahah my BII has an EGR tube, with a 97 engine with P heads.

My 96 Explorer's withouth the P heads have no EGR tube.

Hey all 3 trucks look similar under the hood! cut me some slack :p hahaha I have been under all three hoods lately too!!

are the 97+ manifolds shaped differantly then the 96's ?

ive looked under the hood..and i cant find an EGR tube

You dont have one as stated above I had it backwards, the P heads = EGR tube.

The elbow to the throttle body is the difference between the upper intakes, only, as far as I know.