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Will larger tires burn out my ABS???

I was at the tire store yesterday and I was looking at 31's the guy asked if I had ABS I said yes and he said that you CAN'T put over sized tire on vehicles with ABS because it would burn out the ABS....Ive never heard anything like that before....is this true??

and is it really worth buying 30x9.50X15 tires when I already have 235/75.. is there that much difference in the tires.

no it won't "burn" the abs up. Never seen it and never will. I run 36" tires and have no problems.

I have a 91' explorer sport with a superlift 5.5" lift and 3" body lift. I also have 1" coil spacers for the front and added a add-a-leaf to the rear for a total of 9.5" of lift. I still had to trim the front fenders since the tires would hit the rear of the fenders a little. I run 36" Super Swamper radials on 15x12 Weld rims.

30 9.50's did make a difference in offroad capability of my 92. However I found that during extreme articulation (one or two wheels in the air) that the rear wheels would touch the inside of my fenderwells, even with a 1 1/2" rancho add a leaf kit in the back. I used bridgestone dueler at's and I highly recomend them. They are very tough, even when aired down.