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Willard's '94 EB stocker

Well I've been a member for a few months now, and I'm finally Elite, so here's my registry. My real name is Jesse, and I am a 21 year old attending Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. I live right outside of Bloomington in a little wide spot in the road called Unionville. The explorer I have was handed down from my parents. They bought it in '00 with a little over 100,000 miles on it. Since then it didn't really see much other than the road until I got it. It was officially mine on my 17th b-day, and I had it two weeks before it was wrecked. There's a thread about it here

In short, I smashed a tree after losing control on a gravel road. Here are some pics of that:



It took me a little while, but I got it fixed:



Since then, I've kept it running and do some occasional mudding with friends:



I love this old truck, and with 208,000 miles and the abuse it's been through, I am throughly impressed with the durability of it. I would get another one in a heartbeat. :thumbsup: :D

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...nice to see you got it back together...:D

Repair looks great! Congrats on becoming elite!

Edit: I like your title


Even though this registry never got much notice, I'm gonna update with some of my latest doings:

- Rebuilt the A4LD at the end of '08, shifts great now.
- Wired in a power inverter and then the inverter broke :(
- Did some front end work, new spindle bearings and u-joint up there, BIG difference
- Pulled the rear bumper back into shape

For the rear bumper, here is a before picture:

100_0615 (Medium).JPG

Don't have an after yet, I'll get one. I was surprised how it actually came out.

willard the pic doesnt show up

it still not showing up for me

Damn, I forgot this registry existed. Since the last update, haven't had to do much work to it. It's been running strong for awhile now, the biggest thing was having to replace the POS Goodyear tires on it when they decided to start disintegrating for no good reason.

Also, the rebuilt alternator in it wasn't doing to good at idle, swapped it for a junkyard unit and it's doing fine for now. I've only taken it on one decent road trip recently, went camping was a 2 hour trip each way. Ran like a champ.

Running up on 237k now. Hopefully I'll get another couple years out of her.

Well done Jesse- I like that you fixed it back up after the tree. :thumsup:

237k is just now getting the motor broken in... :D

Well done Jesse- I like that you fixed it back up after the tree. :thumsup:

237k is just now getting the motor broken in... :D

Tell me about it, thing still runs strong as ever even with some lifter tap. It still goes anywhere I can steer the thing. :thumbsup:

Guess I should update this, the truck is now dead. Transmission is messed up, thought the torque converter was the problem, it wasn't. It really isn't worth my time or money to pull it back apart and fix it, so it's getting parted out now.

I replaced it with a 2001 Saturn. Ugh. At least it gets good gas mileage, and will keep me rolling until I can afford a Ranger, which is what I really want.

I'll admit I shed a tear or two after this thing was declared dead. This truck and I have gone through a lot together, and until now it was my first and only vehicle. She had a good run though. I have already decided I will pull a part off of this to keep forever in remembrance.