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Window tint


September 7, 2004
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Memphis, TN
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'99 XLT 2WD Auto V-8
I have a 94 4x4 X sport. The cargo area windows are tinted from the factory with a bronze/mirror tint. I'd like to go ahead and tint the rest of the windows (middle vents on back seats and doors). Is there somewhere I can get a tint that will match? I've seen others just put standard tint on the side glass, and to me it looks stupid.

Thanks for any help.

here's a link to what it looks like now:
http:94 sport 4x4

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Better watch out most factory tint isnt street legal (only legal on back windows i believe) atleast here in maryland its not you usually have to go with a lighter tint than factory i had to go through inspection 3 times cause they kept telling me my tint wasnt legal and it was the same as the factory tint :( your state might be different tho or you just might not care about getting pulled over and what have you :D

I have a sport similar to yours except newer, I tried to do what you wanted with not much luck, I ended up tinting all of the windows pitch black including the rear which already had the factory tint and it looks pretty close, not to mention it looks sexy as hell but I can't see SH$T at night :rolleyes: & haven't gotten flagged yet, knock on wood :hammer:

They make the tint that is similar to your factory "silver" tint, but not many people use it. It may be expensive, but I'd replace the windows with charcoal tinted windows or just clear windows - then tint them to get the correct look. I currently have 5% on the rear and 15% on the driver and passenger windows. I will most likely go all the way to 5% all around. It sure is dark at night, for sure, but during the day it stays dark as well. It's actually amazing stuff - with the temperature inside not getting too hot too often.

Good luck,

i had the facotry tent on mine and went to get the rest tinted and i was told the only way to cover the factory tent up so all the windows match is basically replace the rear windows with clear windows

i put 5% all the way round and over the factory and i like it. cant see out of it at night and u cant see in it during the day, thats all i was going for.

I went to Ziebart and had their Premium Tint applied...Is a special tint that has aluminum in it they said...Matches the rear tint pretty well...not as dark as I liked. Only bad thing is they have to leave bubbles in it..but eventually they go away...just took mine 3 months when they said about a week...finally all gone now...but only after I complained and threatened to have it remove and get a refund...Ended up Getting their Premium exterior detailing and Paint protection for my trouble for free...dunno if you can see it in the pics on my cardomain page or not...Hope this helps...