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WTF... 265's rubbing on hard left turn...


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May 31, 2010
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Gillette, Wyoming
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04 Wrangler, 08 Ranger
I just bought a brand new set of 265/65/17's for my Explorer and now I'm getting insane tire rub when I turn to the left real sharp. I had rub on 245's; I keep trimming the wheel well but it keeps coming back and I am really annoyed. Any suggestions?

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Bigger hammer.... :hammer:

Have someone else turn wheel and inspect...
Mine rubs in the back and I drilled a hole in plastic inner fender with a eye bolt and zip tied it back to body mount... Seems to help ill try and get a pic for ya...

You need to slow down in the corners man, it's not a flipping Ford GT!!! :D

Just turn to the left really sharp and remove/ziptie back where it's rubbing(check the other side too). Give yourself room for when driving because the tire can flex a little one way or another and rub again.

i dunno what to tell you brother ... hell my 255s rub at full lock on both sides ... and the 255s are about a 1/2 more narrower

my 265s dont rub at all. weird

I figured out why it was rubbing. I trimmed the splash guard too much on the rear of the wheel well. It was cut up so high that whenever Id turn sharp the wheel would catch the piece.I went to the jy, found a mounty, got the piece and Ive been rub-free ever since. I forgot to give an update :p

May definitely need to get that looked at to look for underlying issue. My 02 4x4 has 305/35/24 and has very little rub with no spacing at all