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Blend door actuator fixed, then broke again

Discussion in 'Explorer - Ranger Interior Accessories' started by GT2000, July 9, 2018.

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    1. GT2000

      GT2000 New Member

      July 2, 2018
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      98 Explorer V8 AWD
      Dora the explorer
      So i replaced the blend door actuator (automatic climate control) on the explorer cause it would only blow heat. So i went for a drive, and yay, its blowing fresh air, not heat, after a few minutes of driving (keep in mind it was warm already) it went from fresh air, back to full heat randomly, and suddenly, and will not go back now, i tried unplugging the blend door again, no change.
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    3. 410Fortune

      410Fortune Snow Season Staff Member Moderator

      August 3, 2000
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      7B Panhandle
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      B2 Mod
      Since you have the electronic group have you tried a reset and check for codes?
      Anytime you change the bled door motor you have to do a system reset

      With the blend door motor off use a dental mirror and flashlight and look at the axleshaft your bled door rides on. Is it cracked? in pieces?

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