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My new inproved Beast!

My new inproved Beast!

Shot this one at paragon a week after squeezin some 35's on that beast
looks great but I am a little confused: you just have the tt in front and a SOA in rear how does it look so even?
Dear Lord! That is one Baaaadassss sport!

What size rims/tires are you running in this picture. what is the offset?
15x10x3.75"offset rims and 35" tires

How did it fit with all the modling? I can trim the bumper, but what about the rear front, and the rear. When i put on the 35" Xterrains and it tucked, it was hitting all the molding in the back as well?!?!?!
How big of lift did you get on how much did the lift cost????
Thats my eventual dream right there.....same size, except i got the 4 dr, what mods are done to that to get it up that high?
its actually alot higher now, it now has a D44 SAS, both locked on 35's.... soon to have D44hp front and D60 rear

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