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  1. 9

    New Life Long Member.

    Hey everyone, I've been a viewer on this site for a short while, most of the posts on here give me some good foundations to ideas. I live in Clinton, MD :us:, I'll give you guys a little history about me. I had been out of a job for a year and a half, then about four months ago, I had gotten the...
  2. M

    Rotational noise on manual 5 spd.

    Right after we had a good sized snow storm this past winter I noticed a noise coming from my tranny when i was moving at low speeds. I am not sure if it has anything to do with the 4wd in the transfer case since i was driving in the snow a lot. My dad and I pulled the tranny and transfer case...
  3. Tbars4

    Elusive Map Sensor Caught on Film- Code 22

    ...and "How To Swap a MAP Sensor" ...The 91's do in fact have a MAP sensor...(Manifold Atmospheric Pressure)...and I've got proof...:biggthump ...I've been working on another code (code 85) so I can pass smog and I thought I had it fixed until, I pulled out a code 22 from nowhere...
  4. 9

    Quick question, wheres the powerband on a stock 91 4.0

    I can not really tell where it is. Thank you.
  5. My Explorer's CD Player

    My Explorer's CD Player

  6. My Explorer's Rear

    My Explorer's Rear

  7. My Explorer's Side

    My Explorer's Side

  8. My Explorer's Front

    My Explorer's Front

  9. My baby

    My baby

    Here is my 1991 Porsche 944S2. I've had it about a month and a half. This picture was taken at a car show I was in. It didn't win, but I'll get'em next year! :)