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  1. C

    2016 Explorer Sport audio amp question.

    I've been looking but can't find the particular answer I'm looking for. I have a 2016 Explorer Sport with the Sony system and the bass is just lacking. Is the amp something that can just be directly replaced with a better aftermarket one? As in, can I simply unplug everything from the Sony amp...
  2. C

    Unhappy with black trim on sport?

    I guess I'm honestly kinda just wanting to see opinions on the black trim color for the Sport models. I have a 2016 sport that's bronze fire metallic and I'm just not a fan of the black grille and such. If it were a perfect world where I had loads of money, I'd probably switch everything over to...
  3. P

    2016 Explorer Liftgate Panel Removal

    Have a squeaky liftgate and trying to remove the panel to figure out why it squeaks. Don't want to mess anything up. Other than the two screws on the inside handle, is there anything else that I need to be aware of? Does it just pop off? Anything to be cautious of so I don't break anything?
  4. R

    Shopping for a 2014 or newer Explorer, what should I look out for?

    Let me get right to it: What do I need to look out for in shopping for an Explorer? What should I avoid? Common issues? I'm grateful for any feedback.. Backstory, if you're interested: I've always loved Explorers, had 1996 Eddie Bauer which was crap but still love them. I've noticed prices...
  5. G

    FORScan Programming issues

    I have a 2016 PIU and have successfully made a number of configuration changes with FORSCAN. I am struggling with these two, however: AWD display - IPC 720-01-01: I have tried multiple times to enable the AWD gauge display on my 2016 PIU. I have tried both options 4 and C. No change on the dash...
  6. T

    2016 PIU no-sync to sync?

    Hey all! I recently acquired a beautiful Dark Blue 2016 PIU with 36k miles on it. The agency that purchased it originally over ordered and sent it to the auction with delivery miles and was purchased by a civilian and had an easy non-LEO life. Unfortunately for me, its a non-sync vehicle and...
  7. B

    2016 Explorer, no tow package HELP!!

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here and has been my last resort for getting help. I have a 2016 Explorer XLT that I bought new. It's out of warranty now (110,000 KMs). I bought it without the tow package because, at the time, I didn't need one. Fast forward to today, I'm regretting that...
  8. J

    New to the FORD world...

    I've been looking for a newish car and finally picked up a 2016 Explorer XLT. In the past I owned an Acura Integra, Chevy Astro Cargo, and Toyota 4Runner. So far I've blacked out the wheels with custom wrap, replaced all of the external lighting with LEDs, added carbon fiber "explorer" letters...
  9. D

    2016 Explorer Crazy Transmission Issue

    Hello All, I have a 16 Explorer with 36k on it. Since about 25k, I have been experiencing my transmission occasionally slamming into gear. When slowly accelerating from a red light/stop sign, mostly when shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear, engine will go from 2-3k rpm to about 5-6k rpm...
  10. J

    Remote start draining battery Please help!!

    My battery died so I got a jump And had it tested. The test said that the battery was dead so I replaced it. My car started right up with the new battery but when I tried to start the car with my remote start it would just click and then if I try to start with the push button it won’t start as...
  11. K

    Grille Replacement - 2016 / 2017 Explorer

    I have seem a few threads on Grille replacements but they seem to be on all 2011-2015 Explorers. Looking at photos they 2016 - 2017 look different. Does anyone know if this process is different between the years and if it is has anyone been able to find documentation on the removal process...
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  14. 2016 Explorer Sport

    2016 Explorer Sport

  15. T

    aFe Magnum Force air intake system for 2016 Platinum

    I just picked up a 16 Platinum and want to upgrade the air intake. I'm looking at the aFe Magnum Force http://afepower.com/afe-power-54-12622-magnum-force-stage-2-pro-5r-cold-air-intake-system, but it seems that it only works with the Sport. It is the same engine, but I'm guessing that the...
  16. A

    Finding EE Sway Bar or having a custom bent up?

    Hey guys, I've recently been looking around on the forum in my spare time and there's an item that'd I'd love to have, but as far as I can see isn't in production anymore. So, do you guys know of any place to find an EE rear sway bar? Is having one bent out of 1.25" or maybe even 1.5" pipe an...
  17. D

    Front bumper, grille, head lamps Ford Explorer 2016

    Used front bumper, grille, head lamps wanted for Ford Explorer 2016. Full accessory.
  18. C

    Is this vibration normal?

    I notice that when I accelerate in my 2011 Ford explorer, that I can feel the vibration in the accelerator and in my steering wheel. Is this normal? The closest vehicle that I can compare this to is my 2007 Toyota RAV4. I don't seem to have this issue. Maybe because of the bigger vehicle...
  19. B

    2016 Explorer 2.3L EcoBoost 4WD real world MPG?

    If you drive a 2016 Explorer 4WD with 2.3L EcoBoost engine, please post the fuel efficiency you've observed. Thank you in advance. :salute:
  20. T

    '16 EX LTD body/bumper question

    Does anyone know what the small almost circular "compartment door" is for, located on passenger side of front bumper? about 2 inches in diameter with an arrow head (line up) mark on it, pointing to 2 o'clock position. Tried to add pic, but maybe I'm not at that level yet on forum
  21. Bender953

    2016 Explorer Limited

    hi all, I just picked up my 2016 White Limited. A big change from owning large 4-door sedans all my life including 3 crown vics and an 11 Taurus. Anyone have an idea of a box for the back to act as a trunk? Bender953