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4.6 v8

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    Starting kills all power

    I am having an issue where I lose all electrical power when trying to start the engine cold. I can turn the ignition to ACC and everything turns on, but when I try to start it cold all power shuts down and it is like the battery is completely dead instantly. I accidentally discovered that if I...
  2. F

    Best Company To Buy A Remanufactured 4.6 From

    I have 238k on my current 4.6L V8 and am currently looking to purchase a remanufactured 4.6 to swap in my 2006 Ex. I'm looking at powertrain products inc online. Has anyone bought anything from these guys? They claim that their remanufactured motors are better quality than the original motors...
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    New Owner of a 2005 V8 4WD. Introducing BryanLaMarine

    Hello guys. Found this website after looking up the gas Milagros to my new vehicle and decided to sign up. I have a tan 2005 Ford Explorer with all the bells and whistles(all the 2005 bells and whistles, mind you). It seems that it has everything, backup sensor, leather interior, semi-newly...
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    Metallic Tick\Knock On Drivers Side Valve Cover 4.6

    I have an very strong tick that seems to be coming from the drivers side valve cover..... @ idle it is very quiet or silent....but as the engine speeds up some - it I very clear between 1,000 and 1,500 RPM - then it fades away above this. Does not make the tick - when the engine is started...
  5. D

    Pinging at 2000-3500 RPM

    To all members, If your V8 Explorer has a ping on light acceleration, typically 2000-3500 RPM, as trans upshifts, check your thermostat and or water pump and fan clutch. My 2005 Explorer Limted had been doing this for a few days now. I tried changing filling stations, even going with mid...