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  1. B

    TCS warning light not working

    Hello, I have a 2010 ford explorer 4.0. the tcs and abs warning light are not working for a while. Now i dont know if the tcs is actually working or not. My thoughts are i will have to swap the instrument cluster but m not confirmed if the bulbs for the warning lights are blown. I tried to open...
  2. BluIsBlue

    Solved 4x4 not engaging

    Hi again y’all, I’m still driving my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 2dr. I’ve got an automatic with the electronic 4wd switch. When starting the vehicle, 4hi and 4low lights do not illuminate. I’ve tested voltage and ground on the 4x4 module’s harnesses. I’ve visually inspected the 4x4 module’s...
  3. C

    different cv lengths

    i have an 02 explorer 'prior 3/4/02' . it has the bts tubular UCAs and 3 in suspension lift. i purchased the trak motive cv joints for front. they are for the "3/4/02" newr explorer. after inspection the 03/04/02 and up cvs are 2.5 in" shorter than the prior year, this entails me that the newer...
  4. Explorer dh KOH2023.jpg

    Explorer dh KOH2023.jpg

    Somewhere near Outter Limits, Johnson Valley, CA
  5. M

    Anybody know what this is??

    Does anybody know what this is? Found in the bottom of my transmission pan. It's been slipping pretty bad lately so I figured I would drop the pan and check for metal shavings and replace the filter and fluid. This is what I found. Also, is that considered a lot of metal shavings? Trying to...
  6. O

    Dreamin' of places off road

    The Backstory: Howdy! My name is Sebastian (Left). Excited to post to these forums! I've been lurking for around 6months, and have learned a ton. Bit about me: Grew up in Texas, moved out to Denver about 3 years ago. I'm a caretaker for my dad (right) who is a stage IV cancer patient. As a kid...
  7. E

    Wheel Hub replacement Questions

    Hi all, I'm doing a front end rebuild at the start of June and I'm thinking of replacing the old wheel hubs while I'm in there doing such a big job! Are both the front and Rear wheel hubs the same on a 2004 4x4? Planning to get all my gear off RockAuto. Thanks in advance.
  8. T

    For Sale 94 Explorer 2D 4x4 4L 5-Speed

    Anyone want to play with this Ex & keep me from parting it out? I bought it sight unseen to pull the transmission out of, but seeing how clean it is (and that there may be minor transmission differences)- I have ceased my efforts to remove the transmission & am offering you guys a chance to snag...
  9. E

    4x4 shift motor help

    Alright guys… I’ve officially hit a mental wall. I am trying to fix the shift motor to get my 4x4 back up and running. I tried the test in the back with the 4 lights. That’s all good. Took the shift motor off and no surprise but the bushing in there was totally destroyed. So I replaced it with...
  10. J

    Overheating/starting issue

    I have a 1996 explorer XLT 4.0 4x4. I just bought it and it has an issue where it won't start after it warms up and sits for a few minutes. It was showing code 0420. I cleaned iac, and changed maf. Once it starts tho It runs great. Well until 2 days ago. This is unrelated. It started...
  11. S

    5r55s from a 2007 compatible in the 2008 model year?

    Im swapping a rebuilt 5r55s from a 2007 explorer limited trim 4x4 with the 4.0 into my dd 2008 explorer xlt trim 4x4 with the 4.0 as well. Curious if im gonna running into any compatibility issues when i go to swap them, particularly with the ecm/tcm? Will the 2007 5r55s plug and play with the...
  12. W

    2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC

    Thanks for welcoming me to the group! This site has been very helpful to me over the years! I currently have a few questions I need some answers for.. First off I’m needing torque specifications on everything I’m listing below and any tips to go along with it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks...
  13. D

    Hello all

    Here’s my ex
  14. F

    Major Power Issues

    Hello everyone, So to kinda help more here's my explorer and the events that happened. I have a 94' Explorer Xlt With the 4.0 OHV. It's a solid front 4x4, Automatic with the sad A4LD, (Got like a 2.5" lift with 33"s and a remote start from previous owner *kinda shoty job*). But here recently...
  15. M


    Hello! I Made my account here on EF For a few years now, I've responded to a few threads here and there, but I finally did the Elite Explorer deal (2 for 1) this last November, and I'm Glad I did! (Especially Now!) Ever since I was little, I loved our families 97 2 door Explorer we bought in...
  16. P

    is my explorer pretty?

    Hi all, I've had my 08 Explorer xlt for 3 years now and have loved it. Everyone doesn't see the beauty that I see in my car so I hope to find some people who also do. Glad to be here and hope to learn lots!
  17. M

    Hola , ayer compre ford explorer 91 quiero restaurarla mi sueño es llegar al nivel de pablo xD aqui les dejo fotos

    mi ncontre este foro vi un vehiculo de un integrante del foro , su nombre es pablo , algun dia quiere llegar a tener un proyecto como el de el ... Compre Una 4x4 ford explorer 91 quiero restaurarla mi meta es subir 3 Pulgadas al Cuerpo ponerles gomas de 35 Pulgadas Instalar...
  18. B

    02 explorer 4x4 light low

    hello, i have a 02 explorer limited v8 and when i put the ignition key on it lights the 4x4 low light a few seconds and after a few seconds it goes out. (the drive is in 4wd auto.) same when you start the engine, 4x4 low comes on for a few seconds . after that nothing can be done with the 4x4...
  19. N

    Lots of mod ideas, so little cash flow

    So, bear with me here, this'll sound pretty stupid. I got three ideas to put out there. 92 Explorer XL 4x4. Virtually stock but lots of repairs to OEM, looking to change that before October 31st hits as I will hopefully participating in the local Gambler 500. Slight lift from new front...
  20. M

    2003 4.0 XLT exploder lockers?

    Okay, so I bought an exploder awhile ago and have had quite the frikken adventure with it, (engine number 2 for me, and it’s on its second complete transmission for its life). It honestly seems like Ford has intentionally made this thing hard to work on, but I digress. I bought it for the 3rd...
  21. M

    1994 Explorer 4x4 engaging while turning

    Hey all, I have a strange issue that happens while I am turning and re-center the wheel. While driving and returning the wheels straight the vehicle would dart slightly in the direction I was returning the wheel to. So left turns, would cause the vehicle to dart right just as I return to the...
  22. G

    2001 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 with Sport Package

    This truck is in awesome condition for being 19 years old! - Second Owner - Tags good until January 2021 - All maintenance continued based on Ford's Scheduled Maintenance Book. All receipts upon request. - Ford Motorcraft Oil, Transmission Fluid, and Filters. - The original engine runs as if it...
  23. N

    [SOLD] 1991 & 1994 4-Door Explorers For Sale

    Located in North Idaho (Just north of Moscow) I have both a 1991 and 1994 Ford Explorer for sale. They both run and drive but both have issues that prevent them from being road worthy (tired engine on 1991, bad transmission on 1994). Hopefully looking for someone that wants to build one from...
  24. L

    Best v8 engine replacement for 2000 explorer

    I finally found a nice 2000 Ford Explorer Limited v8 4x4 but there is a loud noise coming from the engine. So I am considering doing an engine swap with a crate engine. What is the best, most reliable, crate engine? Should I 'enhance' the engine?
  25. C

    Auto 4x4 Disable possible?

    I have a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer and when the auto 4x4 engages sometimes makes me slide on turns. If I disconnect the 4x4 selector switch or put a separate switch to open that circuit behind the panel, would that disable my auto 4x4 or would it default to auto?