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  1. R

    Looking for help with my 01 explorer

    I just bought a 01 explorer at a auto auction a few weeks ago. My 3rd explorer iv owned in my life. It was running great. Then 8 days after i bought it i had a small fire from the manifold up to the transmission dipstick tube and lost all gears. I checked the transmission fluid after getting the...
  2. A

    Firewall Drill Location

    I am installing some aux lights and need to get from battery inside engine compartment to switch panel in center console. Does anyone know of a usable grommet or do I have to drill the firewall? I don't want to do a door wrap.
  3. Explorer23

    How to keep my explorers from exploding?

    Hey guys, still relatively new here and tried searching for this answer but to no a avail. Plus I'm on my phone so it's a little harder to surf. Well with my new member disclaimer out of the way... I have heard a lot of rumors about "early 90's" explorers catching fire. I had a friend tell me...
  4. jelkins

    cylinder 5 & 6 !!!!!

    cylinder 5 & 6 !!!!! (SOLVED) so i have a couple of problems that might be tied to eachother im going to start at the beginning..... ok so i bought an engine from the local pull a part and had it in, in less than eight hours started right up good great! i was happy considering the fact that...
  5. gmanpaint

    How to: Prevent a Fire Hazard!

    Fall time=fire hazard time. After a fire happened in the 94, I had to figure out where it started. After a serious freaking out and pulling off the road to a safe spot, I looked everywhere possible, there was no clue to where the fire was. The cabin filled with smoke and had an aroma of a wood...
  6. C

    Worst day of my life, goodbye ex.

    I cant believe this happened to me i had a 94 explorer till this morning, i was 4wheelin with broken 4 wheel drive in soft dirt like an idiot and my left wheel dropped in a crevice between two rocks trying to get out i dug a whole for my back right wheel (only one turning) and my friend couldnt...
  7. Fire Truck????

    Fire Truck????

    Still going strong serving it's fire department in Poland