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    Smelling gas

    So I now actually noticed after a while that I smell raw gas outside the car and I can hear the fuel pump also. NOTHING LEAKING SO DONT JUMP ON ME. But does anyone know what that could be?
  2. R

    Tips on increasing MPG?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on what I can do or modifications I can make that would increase the MPG on my 2003 Ford Explorer. I love this car, but it seems like its sucking gas even more than it used to before.
  3. I

    Fuel Sending Unit and Clutch

    Today I went to look at a 91 Explorer XL 4x4 5 speed. Was a solid truck just had one thing that was a major concern. The fuel gauge doesnt work so I am guessing it is the sending unit.:thumbdwn:Is this a common thing? How difficult is it to replace the unit and about how much time is involved...
  4. A

    Gas Gauge Problem

    I have a 2003 Explorer. My gas tank was 1/4 full and I pulled into a gas station to fill it up. When I started up to leave, the gas gauge still read 1/4 tank even though I had just put $50 worth of gas in it. I turned it off and restarted it, and the same thing happened. As I drove it down...
  5. C

    2003 ford ranger gas mileage tips?

    I've searched these forums and can't find any mpg improvement threads. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting better gas mileage on a 3.0 v6 without blowing a financial gasket? My truck is a cab plus and currently gets 14.9 mpg in the city, which sucks! I got better in my 07 dodge 5...
  6. M

    2013 Explorer XLT Fuel Filling Overflow

    I was pumping gas today, and for the second time in a matter of months, I noticed that when I clicked the pump to get the last drops, all of a sudden i hear liquid hitting the ground. I looked at the filling hole and nothing. I then looked under my car, only to see where gas had come out and...
  7. A

    Fuel Preferences, Additives Too

    What kind of fuel do you use in your rig? After Hurricane Sandy hit NY, I was forced to use Premium 92 Octane Gas for a few weeks because that was all that was available to me. I noticed NO difference in performance and mileage during that time. My truck seems to run well on BP 87 Octane. Does...
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    dazed and confused

    about a moth ago my 1993 ford explorer xlt .4.0 6 cyl suv started making a a popping sound under the hood .like a muffled backfire.i put in a bottle of lucas problem was gone .a week later same thing again with idle i changed spark plugs and fuel filter .problem stopped .for a few...
  9. R

    Gas Mileage

    I have a 2000 Explorer, 2 door (sport, but not sport trac?), 4WD, 6 cylinder, SOHC, automatic. I've had it for 2 years. My truck is using more fuel than it used to and I'd like to know what factors can cause that before taking it into a shop for diagnosis. I live in Toronto and only have...
  10. P

    Looking to install a fuel cell need advice

    looking to install a fuel cell here and get it out from under my truck now the one i get is all i need is a sending unit with it new to the fuel cell game. Im a noob as gas shit. Sorry to the guy i took this pic from im planning on doing this on my truck
  11. C

    I had my plugs and wires changed and now my gas mileage sucks.

    I usually get 13 mpg in the city, but my engine started to misfire and my mpg dropped down to 10mpg. I took it to the shop and they said I needed new plugs and wires so I had them install a set. I also had them install a new fuel filter. The engine sounds fine, but now my mileage has...
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    Fuel pressure issue.

    i have a 2001 ex sport 4.0 , i think my fuel pump is going bad so i checked the pressure, hooked up gauge turned on the key and got 40 psi, started the truck and got 62 psi. but at WOT it drops to 40psi, and after idling for a few min the needle will bounce from 60 to 62... is this normal??? the...
  13. J

    Engine Performance Problem

    I have a 1995 Ford Explorer, V6, 4.0 Liter, automatic. Lately, and seemingly quite often, the truck doesn't seem to want to start when its warm. This problem seems to be getting worse lately. If the engine is cool, and I'm only driving to one destination, regardless of how long it takes to get...
  14. S

    Fuel Gauge DOA

    I have a 1996 Explorer 4D 4x4 4.0L. I recently replaced a bad fuel pump, and also installed a new tank and hanger assembly. Until I did this, the gas gauge worked just fine. After install, it does not move off the bottom below 'E'. Dropped the tank and checked it with the pump removed from...
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    My New Eddie Bauer

    Thank you for letting me make my first post here, rather than in the Welcome Forum. I wanted to run on a bit. The '06 Ford Explorer wasn't my first choice, necessarily. I liked it fine, but I might have settled on a different ride if it was just for me. But it's really for my wife...
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    Intermittent Stalling after releasing gas pedal

    I have replaced the fuel pump, filter, I fabricated a bigger fuel tank as the original one had a lot of rot inside and out. Also the injectors, flushed fuel lines and new fuel relay.... I know I am forgetting something but I cant for the life of me figure it out. Any help is...
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    please help!! 1997 ford explorer GAS GAUGE --- and o2 sensors

    Hi there, i have a ford explorer 1997 4x4 SOHC with 105,000 miles. recently had lots of work done, new tranny, shocks, tires, and more little stuff. Now my gas gauge is EXTREMELY INACCURATE. As i am driving it is constantly moving, overtime i brake it goes up, when i access it goes dow...
  18. C

    My 97 Explorer won't start when facing downhill and with less than a quarter tank

    It has been this way since I bought it. When this happens I have to roll down the hill to a flat part and then is starts fine. My sister-in-law has the same problem with her Eddie Bauer (mine is a Limited, by the way) and I am wondering if this is a common problem and whether there is any...
  19. C

    Can't find the evap leak.

    Alright, so I have and OBD code for an evap leak AND the check fuel cap light on. I started out by replacing the fuel cap twice and reseting the codes, but they pop back up the next day. Whenever I gas up the car, I get a strong smell of gas inside the cabin. I can't seem to locate the actual...
  20. A

    I ran out of gas, and now my 97 Explorer won't start.

    I thought I was ok on gas, and got in the car and it wouldn't start, after I filled the truck up with 10.00 worth of gas, It then started and would shut off, I could only keep it going if I didnt hit the breaks, could this be the fuel filter? it's a 97 ford explorer sport V6 4.0 L
  21. K

    4x4 problem and bad mileage on 1994 Sport

    Hey everyone, I just joined this site to hopefully find some help. I recently bought a 1994 explorer sport. I am currently encountering 2 separate problems. 1. Bad Gas Mileage The metal lines coming out of the fuel pump were corroded and leaking, so I had dropped the tank and replaced...
  22. P

    very poor gas mileage 2001 sport trac

    hey guys, i have a 2001 sport trac and the gas mileage is getting worse and worse. it was about 15 and last time i filled up, it was 11.8 any ideas as to what this could be, or how to go about correcting the situation. any suggestions would be great! thanks :)
  23. 9

    Have you ever heard of this?

    I've got two quick questions. Recently, I told you guys that my 91 Nav's fuel and temperature gauges do not work, causing me to constantly worry about running out of gas. since I bought the truck, that's only happened twice, the second day after I bought it, and today. I was on my way the...
  24. S

    Fixed float in the gas tank, now gauge reads all the way full!!

    Hello all, My gas gauge was reading empty no matter what. I pulled the unit out and I had the good ol' sunken rotten float problem. I replaced the float for $10 and I thought my gas gauge problems were over! NOW, when I crank the explorer, the gas gauge goes to all the way FULL! I can't...
  25. T

    Slow Fuel Fill Problem -2002 Explorer.

    Aright guys here's the deal, my 2002 Explorer started having this problem about a month ago. While trying to pump gas, the pump clicks of every few seconds as if the tank is full. I tried pulling out the nozzle a little...and still no luck. However, gas does not shoot out of my tank like with...