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  1. S

    Door hinge pins

    Will the OEM Ford door hinge pins with bushings fit a Mazda B series truck?
  2. H

    Door sag 2002 ST driver side

    I read the excellent write up about sagging doors here on the forum and I have this problem on my 2002 sport trac. I cannot confirm for sure who and what p/n of hinge pins and bushings I need to secure beforehand to do my front drivers side door. I’ve checked autozone and oreillys and they don’t...
  3. M

    Rear Window Glass Hinges

    Hey everyone, amidst all the other issues I've been having this month on my Explorer, one of the rear window hinges decided to break off leaving the glass panel dangling on one side, it made for a very interesting removal process fighting with the lifters and trying to avoid breaking the glass...
  4. C

    Rear glass hinges-- 1999 mountaineer please help

    So like many of you I have been dealing with the rear glass hinges breaking. I replaced a broken hinge once with a used part. The threads on the new used part then stripped out and i am back in the same boat. The part number on my stock hinges f87b78420a68 f87b78420a69 I ordered two new...
  5. aaron81006

    2nd gen to 1st gen hood hinge swap

    I've search the site and don't find any info. Has anyone swapped the 2nd gen hood hinge with the hydraulic lifts into a first gen? I really want to get rid of the dumb hood hold open rod. The hinges are pretty close to the same but the new ones have four bolts instead of the two. I would...
  6. N

    Tailgate hinge cup bushings

    I have an 01' sport trac and the tailgate hinge cup bushings on the passenger side needs to be replaced. Doe's anybody know where i can purchase a set (left & Right)?
  7. S

    95 Limited driver's door adjustment

    Sorry if I have missed a previous thread which covers this and please do point me it if it exists. Clearly my search missed it. Due an unforgiving bush the driver's door on our 95 Limited got pushed out of alignment. The manual says to slacken off the nuts and gently pry the door back into...
  8. Bottom door with a piano hinge.

    Bottom door with a piano hinge.

  9. W

    Driver side door adjustment! HELP!

    The driver side door on my 1995 2 door explorer does not line up at the top. I tried to fix it and messed it up even more. I loosened the bolts on the top hinge and lifted up the door and tightened the bolts. Well then it was metal on metal where the hood and door meet! So I just put it back how...
  10. The hinge is removed.

    The hinge is removed.

  11. The hinge fits into the routed door.

    The hinge fits into the routed door.

  12. Ryobi door hinge installation kit & cordless plane.

    Ryobi door hinge installation kit & cordless plane.

  13. C

    2003 Explorer. Window hatch hinge replacement.

    Can anyone explain how to replace the hinges on the window hatch? The shock failed and the bolt that holds the window dislodged, and the wife drove it & now the hinges are bent/tweeked. I may be able to get them back to where they need to be, but replacing them would be much better since they...
  14. M

    Help! Hinges on 2007 IronMan Snapped!

    Was opening my glass hatch and the hinges sheared completely! Is there any known issues with this? I know there was issues with the 3rd gen. Will Add photos soon.
  15. M

    2001 Explorer Sport Liftgate issue(s)

    Where to begin... I was rear ended two years ago, and my Explorer spent 3 weeks at the Collision Center. When I finally got it back, I noticed it sounded like a door was open when I was driving. A few months later, I was going through a high pressure car wash, and realized water was leaking...
  16. J

    need help with recall

    I have purchesed a 2003 explorer xlt rebuilder. i replaced rear hatch and left taillight. i have come across some snags and would like some advice. iv posted threads and no ones been a big help. I was wondering if any body knows if i can go to the dealer and have my hinges replaced on my hatch...