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oil pressure

  1. A

    Rebuilt 4.0 SOHC - Bad Oil Pressure

    I recently pulled my 4.0 motor and completely redid all of the chains and guides. I even put in a new water pump and oil pump. Finally got it all together and back in the truck. Everything seems great, except I am now having an oil pressure issue…. Now I understand the gauge is largely...
  2. C

    Intermittent Oil Pressure [4.6]

    I haven't posted in a while. I have a 2004 EB 2WD Explorer with a 4.6L engine. I love it, but it's getting a lot of miles and has some issues. I'm in Upstate NY, but the truck is from GA, so no rust. Anyway, I was driving about a month ago and noticed some unhappy lifter noise. I looked at...
  3. N

    Engine Stall and Oil Pressure Warning While Parking

    Perhaps the timing of this is coincidental, but, a day after having its oil changed at a local quick lube place, our Explorer stalled while we were parking and displayed an oil pressure warning. I'm pretty sure that the warning was a result of the stall (the sensor detecting no pressure when the...
  4. R

    Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement

    Good Day Folks My 2012 Explorer Limited 3.5L V6 has started to stall in the last 7 days when idling. It also nearly stalls under heavy braking and complete stop. When it stalls 'Low Oil Pressure' warning message appears. The oil level and condition is fine. I was going to start by eliminating...
  5. M

    Check engine light + various messages, engine stalls

    I drive a 2005 Explorer XLT that I purchased from a dealer a few months ago. Odometer is at 126,000. Recently, I started having trouble with the check engine light coming on, and the car stalling out (losing power steering and acceleration.) The first time this happened (3 days ago) is said "oil...
  6. C

    2002 Ford Explorer 4.0 SOHC Low Oil Pressure

    Hi, I just rebuilt my 2002 ford explorer 4.0 SOHC engine at 180,000 miles. I replaced all the bearing, gaskets, oil pump, timing set. The main bearing clearances are .002, .002, .0015, .002. After the rebuild when hot oil pressure was dropping to 3psi at idle in gear. After replacing the pump...
  7. W

    Oil pressure gauge issue

    So over the past few years my oil pressure gauge has always read slightly lower than the middle. However today, I happened to look at it while driving, and it was all the way down on the red line. I panicked, pulled over and checked for leaks and checked my oil level. Oil was changed 2 weeks...
  8. R

    Auxiliary shaft bearings

    Anybody install auxiliary shaft (jackshaft) bearings with the engine still installed (and trans removed, of course)?? Are the front and rear bearings different on a 2002 4.0 sohc?
  9. R

    No oil pressure at idle

    I bought a clean 2002 Explorer 4x4 XLT to fix up. The engine sounded like a diesel and had no oil pressure at idle after warming up. I began by researching threads here and changing out upper timing chain tensioners. I also removed lower oil pan and cleaned out metal shavings and one metal ear...
  10. L

    Oil Pressure Problems

    I have 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4.0. I was driving and my oil pressure went all the the way down and shut it off. I was wondering if they was a sensor that makes it shut down when it loses oil pressure. Thanks
  11. L

    loss of oil pressure light!

    I wanted to share my story in hopes of saving someone else the trouble we had. While driving to the beach (200 miles from home) my gas meter showed 12 miles. This car has always been extremely accurate. I was pulling off the exit to get gas and I lost the gas pedal and began to lose speed...
  12. A

    Need a little help here

    Okay I have a 99 Ford Explorer sport. While driving the truck stalled and then would not start back up. I replaced the starter and once it was started its knocking from what sounds like every cylinder. It now shows no oil pressure what so ever. Not sure what it may be any ideas?
  13. A


    Okay I have a 99 Ford Explorer sport. While driving the truck stalled and then would not start back up. I replaced the starter and once it was started its knocking from what sounds like every cylinder. It now shows no oil pressure what so ever. Not sure what it may be any ideas?
  14. T

    Oil Pressure Problem after Startup

    The 1995 Explorer starts fine and sounds right for 15 seconds or so. Then I get dancing oil pressure that drops to zero and I hear some level of engine noise (either value train or rods, I don't know yet). I shut it down right away and repeat the process with the exact same results. That is...
  15. 2

    2001 Sport Trac Issues

    My 2001 Ford Explorer is experiencing a myriad of problems at 167000 miles. I recently replaced the water pump and the truck did overheat. Problem 1: Oil pressure sticks The gauge indicating oil pressure does not lift at all when you start the engine after a couple hours of sitting. The...
  16. M

    oil pressure

    My 2000 Explorer XLT loses all oil pressure after running for approximately 15 minutes. If the engine is then shut off, you can restart and the oil pressure is back for approximately 15 minutes. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it?
  17. N

    2001 Explorer, idle/oil pressure correlation?

    Hello, I have a question about the possibility of a link between a bad IAC valve and a loss of oil pressure at idle? The specifics are, truck has been running great. Only major thing so far has been fixing the rear timing chain. Truck has 180K miles on it with regular maintenance. For...
  18. S

    Oil pressure issue

    Hey all, I have an '02 Explorer XLS with the 4.0 SOHC. About 2 months ago we started hearing the timing chains rattle and before we did the swap, sheared the jack shaft bolt. Took the engine out, replaced the drivers head and all timing chains/gears/tensioners. While the moter was on the stand...
  19. R

    Interesting... Oil Pressure Gauge increases with Electrical System Demand???

    Hey everyone! Long time reader, first time questions asker. So this is my latest ??? with my 1996 Explorer XL. When I crank my stereo, my oil pressure gauge jumps up and bounces. Now, I'm used to the Volt Meter kinda doing this, but my oil pressure gauge? WFT? It is a stock motor, stock...
  20. Cjpooch

    Check Gauge Light

    Hello All. I recently purchased a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT, it is my first explorer, and Ford. I was surprised to find a whole community dedicated to it. I like it so far, but I know nothing about vehicles and engines. My question, my check gauge light has come on a few times. It usually happens...
  21. J

    Gauge or Sending Unit???

    Hi All, The oil, temperature, and battery voltage gauges in my ex are acting up. The temperature gauge doesn't seem to work at all. It just sits well below the "c" and never moves. The oil gauge is some times all the way to the left (off the scale) and some times right in the middle. The...
  22. R

    Need advice on a high mileage '91.

    I have a beautiful '91 XLT with close to 240K miles. I have all records since new. I have 2 big concerns; low oil pressure and timing gear/chain wear. In re: oil pressure, the dummy light (even in the 0 degree weather) goes out after just a couple of cranks from the starter. I am running 15w40...