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police interceptor utility

  1. H

    PIU With Rear door disable - also disabled the lift gate!?

    Got my 2020 PIU which has the "ready for the road" package.....by Ford wisdom, this option includes the rear door hardware delete which I can live with but.......what's new to me is that it also has appeared to disable the rear hatch power switch so you can only open the hatch with the...
  2. F

    Oil Burning Smell (PTU)

    Hi there, just joined the forum and looking forward to all the advice. Story being, I bought a 2016 FPIU bout 3 years ago and it’s been a bulletproof car ever since. But as of recently it’s been in and out of the shop for a variety of things. I recently just had the Transmission fluid flushed...
  3. Bobs2018Explorer

    For Sale Set of (5) Like-New Ford Explorer PIU or Sedan Steel Wheels with Tires - SOLD!

  4. M

    Replace headlight bulbs with LEDs on 2014 PIU?

    Howdy, Has anybody replaced their Explorer/PIU's headlight bulbs (9005) with LEDs? How did that go? Better or worse than with halogens? Do they flicker, did you need an anti-flicker capacitor? Are they positioned correctly, not too high or too low? If you've done it successfully, which LED...
  5. G

    California Emissions System on PIU

    Are all PIUs equipped with CA emissions or only in select states? Thanks.
  6. G

    Is it legal to own a PIU?

    For the last few years, I have been considering picking one up as a third car for hauling/towing stuff and whatnot. Is it legal to own one in California?