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police interceptor utility

  1. T

    PIU vs Explorer

    I have a 2015 Ford Utility PIU, I am wondering is there any major differences in the wiring harnesses? I am looking to get an after market radio due to mine not having Sync and I am too cheap to spend roughly 2k to get Sync. Wondering if this would work as well on it...
  2. S

    Have a 2016 police interceptor utility

    I have a 2016 Police Interceptor utility and I’m wondering if you guys have gotten the LED strip in the headlights to work? Like the ones in the civilian models ones work but how do you get the police package one so turn on?
  3. H

    PIU With Rear door disable - also disabled the lift gate!?

    Got my 2020 PIU which has the "ready for the road" package.....by Ford wisdom, this option includes the rear door hardware delete which I can live with but.......what's new to me is that it also has appeared to disable the rear hatch power switch so you can only open the hatch with the...
  4. F

    Oil Burning Smell (PTU)

    Hi there, just joined the forum and looking forward to all the advice. Story being, I bought a 2016 FPIU bout 3 years ago and it’s been a bulletproof car ever since. But as of recently it’s been in and out of the shop for a variety of things. I recently just had the Transmission fluid flushed...
  5. Bobs2018ExplorerSport

    For Sale Set of (5) Like-New Ford Explorer PIU or Sedan Steel Wheels with Tires - SOLD!

  6. M

    Replace headlight bulbs with LEDs on 2014 PIU?

    Howdy, Has anybody replaced their Explorer/PIU's headlight bulbs (9005) with LEDs? How did that go? Better or worse than with halogens? Do they flicker, did you need an anti-flicker capacitor? Are they positioned correctly, not too high or too low? If you've done it successfully, which LED...
  7. G

    California Emissions System on PIU

    Are all PIUs equipped with CA emissions or only in select states? Thanks.
  8. G

    Is it legal to own a PIU?

    For the last few years, I have been considering picking one up as a third car for hauling/towing stuff and whatnot. Is it legal to own one in California?