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    PCM timing chain

    So I am new to the forum and also having issues locating the pcm in a 2014 ford explorer sport, while doing the timing chain replacement, anyone know where or how to get to it thank you in advance
  2. C

    Keyless door entry pad - explorer 2011

    Hi all, New to this forum. After reading a ton of posts, it was time to ask for help. Thanks in advance. If my action is incorrect, or the wrong place to ask, please forgive me. So, I have a 2011 explorer Ltd. Nice car, but with a lot of faulty parts. My hope.. or wish is to fix them all...
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    4.0L Engine Year Compatibility?

    Well, 230k miles and the timing chain gave out on my '03 4.0L without warning. I'd like to put a used engine back in the car, already have the old one out, and figure $800 or less for an engine with under 150k miles is worth it, and for sure put new gears, chain, and tensioners in it. I'm pretty...
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    Aftermarket OHV Intake Hose?

    Is anyone on here running one of these...
  5. X

    Corroded Battery Terminal / Cable

    Hello all, So on Friday night, we discovered that our Explorer's battery leaked and pretty much destroyed the positive battery terminal and assembly that fits over it. We had to buy a replacement, but that only seems to come as the whole assembly. DB5Z-14300-A. It's msrp $300. All I needed...
  6. M

    Solenoid Pack replacement 4L2P with 1L2P

    Hello guys, I need to replace the solenoid pack for my 2005 with 5R55S transmission. The part number I removed from the car is the 4L2P-7G391-AA, i ordered on ebay a replacement and i got the 1L2P 7G391 AF. Do you know what is the difference between these solenoid packs??? Can i install the...
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    2008 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 AWD (Ford Explorer) Engine Replacement

    I am having to replace the engine on a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 and am looking for any advice, recommendations, tricks and instructions. We've already grabbed a used engine from a local salvage yard. I should be able to get the instructions off of All Data but was wondering if anyone had any...
  8. B

    Rocker Panel Replacement - No Welding, No Bondo

    Like many people, I had to do this project in my driveway with some basic tools. I have about $300 in the whole project, not including the tools. I bought full panels at $125 each on amazon. I have another $50 in paint, primer, rustproofing, undercoating (all aerosol spray cans). You can use...
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    Your experience replacing the rear struts...words of wisdom?

    I think it's been at least two years since the oil leaked out of my rear struts. There was an annoying squeak every time I went over the smallest bump but sometime in the last two years the squeak went away...LOL! I'm going to replace the rear struts with quick struts. Specifically, the...
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    Back Window Exp 2016

    I need to buy a Ford Explorer 2016 back window cause somebody smashed it last night. Where can I buy a used one or a new one? It also needs to be shipped to Europe (Poland)...
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    98 rear hatch replacement

    Just got me a 1998 explorer xl 4X4 to haul my kids and everything in it esp for work. Well only thing besides an exhaust and sway bar bushings it's a pretty sound suv. For some reason the hatch is way out of wack. It closes but I'm guessin not fully because the door ajar light is still on and it...
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    Exhaust Flange/Donut question.

    Hello, everyone. I recently discovered that I have an exhaust leak just behind the O2 sensor on my 2000 OHV. I've seen videos of this repair on other vehicles and it seems straightforward. I'm just wondering if the stock bolts unscrew, or if they're welded on and have to be cut off. I'm seeing a...
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    Front Timing Chain Guides and or chain

    Im fixing the timing chain on a 2006 4.0 thinking of doing just guides already have 1 new tensioner the one next ti thermostat housing. I already removed intake, alt, bracket, ps bracket. What else is involved? Seems to me like water pump, timing chain/engine front plate, valve covers...
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    Thermostat headaches

    So 1992 Explorer XLT, never had an issue until yesterday. I live in saskatchewan so it gets damn cold here and driving down the highway yesterday (about 70mph) and suddenly my heater got very cold and my temp spiked into about the middle of the guage and the rpm went from about 2k to 2500 for...
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    ABS Tone Ring Replacement

    I'm glad I love my Explorer. Last week I replaced the thermostat housing to get rid of the jet engine in my engine bay. I can't believe how loud it was now that the cooling fan isn't working overtime.
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    Ever wonder what the inside of our ball joints look like?

    Ever wonder what the inside of the ball joints in our trucks look like? Well here is a cutaway video I did after replacing the ball joints. This is the lower ball joint from the factory! Neat stuff right?!?!
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    Any advice on replacing doors front and second?

    Hello, New to this explorer forum. Have a 2002 late year explorer V8 and I need to replace both the front passenger and side passenger doors. The car rolled down the driveway and across the street in to some trees. Found two good doors. And Want to know what issues I may face taking off the...
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    Need new tires. Suggestions????

    I have a 2010 Explorer Limited 2WD and never go off road. Just want a good highway tire with long life. 255/50R/20. Any suggestions??? Every tire store I call recommends something different.:(
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    Change 1 Tire?

    My wife called me and told me she got a flat. Turns out she didn't get a flat, she had a blowout. She hit a pothole and blew the tire. So we need to replace the tire. I'd hate to waste a perfectly good tire on the other side if I don't have to. I'd like to buy one, but my dad always told me...
  20. K

    OEM Battery Cable Replacement

    Although I have referred to this site often, this is my first post. I am finding it very difficult to locate and purchase OEM battery cables for my 1998 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC (w/o Message Center). The dealer no longer carries the part and I have yet to find an online source to purchase from...
  21. N

    Ford Explorer 2002 fuel pump replacement

    Ford Explorer 2002 4.0L 4-door fuel pump change out. After digging around on the Internet and bookmarking the pertinent pages I bought a manual in the local parts store and studied it all until I got a fairly good idea what I was looking at. First, following everyone’s advice, I...
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    Exhaust Question.

    Hello, it's been a while since I've posted in here. I always turn to this site for reliable help and everyone on here always helps. Well I'm looking to replace my exhaust and I think I found a good deal over at ExplorerExpress...
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    2007 Explorer XLT Replacement Driver Seat

    I have a 2007 Ford Explorer XLT. My drivers seat has some rips on the sides and in the process of trying to fix things i made it worse and the cover and foam underneath is a mess. Foam is pretty crushed down anyway and seat is getting uncomfortable. I have been searching online trying to...
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    Cargo area, 3rd row seat back cracks.

    Took my all season wheels into the dealer so that I can get them on and the winter tires stores and found that the weight of the wheels broke the cheap cardboard panel that lies flat when you put the seats in a lie flat position. Didn't Ford think that anybody would put anything in the back of...
  25. K

    Broken Outside Mirror

    My wife managed to break the passenger side mirror on her '11 Explorer XLT. The local body shop said a replacement mirror is $375.00 from Ford. Anyone have any leads on a wrecked '11 or another supplier?