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  1. J

    Contemplating Getting Rid of the '98

    Thinking of getting rid of my '98. Last 3 repairs I did to it, front right brake line, door boot wiring from the footwell, and even merely unplugging the parking brake switch connector, were painful. Think the parking brake switch connector was the straw that broke the camel's back. Normally...
  2. Minor Changes.jpg

    Minor Changes.jpg

    The Junker
  3. S

    Engine Bay - Rust Bolts & Hose Clamps

    Hi All, I recently purchased an '08 Ford explorer (former government vehicle) it's got 80K miles and I don't have specifics on its maintenance besides it oil changes. I have two questions, what are some parts and areas or maintenance you recomend I check out and see if its been replaced or...
  4. C

    Dog Leg replacement??!!

    Hey guys, just picked up an '06 XLT 4.0 with 97k original miles on it. Body and interior are immaculate with the exception of the wonderful pass side dog leg. There's a hole about the size of a dime and a little surface rust. Driver side is just surface rust so that can easily be sanded and...
  5. J

    Rust damage to frame 2001 Explorer Sport 103,000 miles

    I fhave a nasty rust through on the front of the rear frame rail where the front rail and rear rail are joined and overlap, this problem exists identically on both sides of the car. A piece of the rear rail is rusted away where it overlaps the front rail; right above the front leaf spring mount...
  6. B

    Early 2007 ST - Rear Frame Rust

    I have an early 2007 Sport Trac Limited 4.6 V8 in what I thought was good condition. I noticed the trailing arm bushings were bad so I replaced them but in the process, I noticed some pretty bad frame rust in the area of the rear suspension. This is a 1 owner truck always maintained by a Ford...
  7. K

    How Ford Lost a New Customer

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share my latest ownership experience regarding my CPO 2014 Explorer Sport. When purchased, the liftgate was misaligned which Washington Ford in Washington, PA graciously allowed me to expense the realignment due to the issue existing upon pick up. Fast forward 7...
  8. D

    Big Rust Hole Rear Passenger Panel Fixable?

    Hello everyone this is my first post on the forum and I have quite the question for you guys. So I have had this Rust hole on my 2005 Explorer since I got it but when I went to the auto body the other day the guy told me that he wouldn't do anything for me because it would cost $1,200 and that...
  9. S

    Fuel neck rusted

    The metal fuel neck has rusted through part in hose, I carefull got the chunk of metal out of the hose, and replaced the fuel I need to replace my fuel pump and clean out my tank? Because of possible rust in there? Does the stock fuel pump have filters on them? Thanks for help 2001...
  10. 9

    Rustbucket seeks paint options

    I've debated on my medium for painting my super rusty explorer all winter and I'm reaching out for opinions. I've posted before about how to properly handle the rust (Tackling Runaway Roof Rust!) and I've decided to strip down the whole rig, windows, rub rails, and lights, the whole thing...
  11. 9

    Rust issues

    I'm not a master mechanic or a certified auto body tech. I have a 1996 Ford Explorer 4x4 and I live in FL but it was in NC for a few years from what a vehicle search said. It has some rust like the front and rear of the frame has some rust but that doesn't concern me. The rust has attacked the...
  12. B

    Rocker Panel Replacement - No Welding, No Bondo

    Like many people, I had to do this project in my driveway with some basic tools. I have about $300 in the whole project, not including the tools. I bought full panels at $125 each on amazon. I have another $50 in paint, primer, rustproofing, undercoating (all aerosol spray cans). You can use...
  13. 9

    Tackling Runaway Roof Rust!

    I've got a pretty bad roof rust problem, and I'm trying to get together a game plan to tackle it right and paint the whole vehicle this summer. As you can see there have been multiple attempts to fix it before 4+ and counting! I would like to remove the whole upper rack assembly and bumpers...
  14. 2

    Rust on exhaust of 2017 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Appearance Package

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I bought my 2017 Explorer brand new about a year ago. The car is garaged both at home and at work. I live in Southern California so I don't have exposure to rain, snow, ice, etc. I typically walk to work so I have few miles on the car (about 7,500...
  15. R

    Fuel filter lines for a 2002 and other problems.

    I decided to jump into replacing the fuel pump on my friend's dad's 2002 Explorer b/c he is tight on cash. It's turned into a bear of a job. My first problem is getting the two fuel lines going into fuel filter off. They do not use the quick disconnect tool that the out-going fuel line uses, and...
  16. T

    Replacing rusted out rockers with bolt on pair

    I have a 2003 Explorer XLT that has both rockers rusted out. Anyone got videos or tips and good parts to replace with.
  17. F

    2017 Explorer - Rust on dash frame

    So the first mod on my new 2017 XLT was to install a front+rear dashcam. The installation was pretty straightforward, although the fuse box under the dash was just a nightmare, and I'm still feeling stiffness in my neck, back, and abdomen from bending under the dash to get to it! Anyway, the...
  18. J

    Remove Pesky Rust on Door Interiors?

    Hey guys, I've owned my 2007 Limited for about a year now- and living in the midwest I've noticed some mild paint bubbling on the bottom of the interior of my doors. I've also got some corrosion on the interior of my tailgate at the bottom edge. No other rust/corrosion on the vehicle yet, just...
  19. C

    Linseed Oil Rust Prevention (NY)

    So I recently picked up a 2005 Explorer Sport Trac XLT, and I wanted to help prevent underbody rust from the harsh winters here in NY. From what I found on the internet, boiled linseed oil --possibly mixed with motor oil and paint thinner*-- is a decent, cheap way to prevent underbody rust. I...
  20. L

    Rear Suspension help

    Hello, I Just bought a 1997 Ford Explorer V6 4WD and I noticed after the I bought the truck that the whole rear suspension (Shocks) were completely destroyed. I failed to notice this during inspection of the car because it was parked very close to a wall so i was unable to see the area. Now I...
  21. S

    2011 XLT Rusted liftgate hinges

    I am having a heck of a time down here in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands getting resolution to a nasty issue I'm having with my 2011 Explorer XLT. The liftgate hinges are rusting out with holes forming in the metal. Because of the location of this issue I didn't identify the problem until May of...
  22. I

    Exhaust Pipe Rusting?

    Hello, Mine is 2014 Limited and these pics were taken after second winter. The axles and the exhaust pipes seem too rusty. How do you guys think? Any advice? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  23. E

    Overspray on rear wheel wells

    So I was attacking the ever annoying rust on my rear wheel wells recently. I knocked the rust off, cut up above the highest rust point, and then sanded down the fender. I then used bondo to make the fender look as normal as usual and sanded that down to an even point. I hit it with black spray...
  24. S

    Rusty Tailgate Posts

    2001 Sport Trac, basic. The tail gate posts, right where the tailgate "hinges" are mounted, are rusting out. Not critical yet, but won't be long on the passenger side. Has anyone out there had experience in repairing these? Are there rust repair parts available? Any help would be...
  25. Suicide77

    Mad Max - Galaxie Tow Rig

    Allow me to introduce my Galaxie :D Probably more of a demolition derby contender than a tow rig, but you've got to start somewhere! I got this Galaxie from a wrecking yard earlier this year in January as a side project to get running. Long story short, it has now taken on an entirely...