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  1. B

    Reverse servo gasket

    Can anyone tell me how this goes on? I took it apart a week ago and now have valve body in and don't rememer ber.
  2. C

    08 Ford Explorer 5r55s transmission part? Need Help.

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums and first time owner of a explorer. I just recently bought one with a bad transmission. When I tore it down for the rebuild I noticed there was a rod broken underneath the reverse servo it holds the reverse band strut in place. I can't find this rod anywhere does...
  3. C

    Servo O-Ring Mod A Permanent Fix For 5R55?

    I have a 2004 Eddie Bauer 2WD Explorer with a 4.6L V8. It has 206k on the clock. It has been a joy to drive and I've taken it on a lot of long, long road trips. I've also been pretty careful on the maintenance. There is one problem that is common with this vehicle, that I was afraid I would...
  4. G

    5r55w servo fix only OD and intermediate new

    fyi there is one for sale on ebay for only $100 brand new. originally sold by AJ1E Superior Solutions, LLC.
  5. E

    My New 2003 Mountaineer

    Been here awhile, sold my Explorer a few years ago, now I have this Mountaineer. Runs great, leather interior, 4.0 AWD 158,000 miles Now about the transmission.... Looked at the Servo upgrade with the O-Rings, but my shifting seems real normal and the OD light is not doing anything...
  6. D

    Tranny refuses to shift ¿

    I have a 98 explorer sport, and while driving, my car doesn't seem to go above 3rd gear. Driving on the street is fine, i can still accellerate fine to well above the speed limit, but when Im on the freeway, the higher gears don't engage, and the revs will just keep going higher as I accelerate...
  7. R

    5R55S reverse servo has a pin hole in it

    New to the forum, been lurking for a while and trying to sort out my problem and I see this hasn't been brought up yet. 04 Explorer XLT with the problematic slamming in reverse. When cold, it doesn't happen, however once warm there is the delay, then slam. I took the reverse servo out to...
  8. H

    5R55W Help!

    Ok, I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT with the 4.0 V6 and 5R55W automatic transmission. Had a flashing O/D Off light, delayed drive engagement, and a sloppy 1-2 shift, would have to back off the gas and tip back in slowly for it to take 2nd. Once it's in gear it seems relatively ok. I replaced the...
  9. H

    5R55W O/D band adjustment concern

    Hi! I just completed installing a TransGo shift kit and O/D servo fix kit in my 2002 Explorer to correct a flashing O/D Off light. I adjusted the bands according to spec before I replaced the servo to ensure I didn't have a broken band, and checked again after replacing the servo just for good...
  10. P

    trans spit out over drive servo

    To start off thanks to all that reply your the hart of all that keeps sites like this going. 2002 explorer with 5R55W transmission. Started out a bad leak,thought it was a torque converter seal,till I was pulling transmission and saw the overdrive servo cover and snap ring hanging out. Well...
  11. G

    All gears go forward - No detent action?

    Hi all, Bought a 1999 Ranger 4x4 automatic 3.0 motor. I knew that it had transmission issues...hence a great price! Ok, I was told that initially it developed a "no reverse" symptom...then all selected gears (including P,R, & N) caused it to move forward. When I dropped the pan I found the...
  12. P

    5R55W Broke OD Servo Shaft

    Hey, I did the unthinkable and broke my OD servo on the bore shaft. Anyone know a way out of this hole I dug myself into? Tap, bore and extract techniques seem not to be viable because there is nothing holding the other end to allow the drill to work, it would just spin with the bit...
  13. R

    NO REVERSE... Solenoid, band, servo pin, please help??

    I have an 06 Explorer. Suddenly have no reverse. No warning signs, leaks, lights, codes, etc. All other gears work including 4 hi & Low. When I put it in reverse, the car doesnt move. If I give it gas, the engine hesitates for a brief moment, then the rpms increase (as if I was in...
  14. B

    A4LD Servos and cover seals

    My '94 4WD 4.0 Explorer (in the family since new) with about 170,00 miles on it was leaking transmission fluid from the servo covers. When checking the transmission fluid level before starting it would be good but if the transmission started to slip, I'd check it again and would have to add...
  15. A

    4R55E servo springs.

    Good afternoon, i just finished rebuilding a 4R55E transmission on my girlfriend's explorer, everything worked fine except not picking up reverse, with the tranny in the car i disaasembled the the valve body and the reverse servo cover and piston. After thourghly checking the band i noticed it...
  16. J

    servo bore fix?

    Has anyone tried using the servos with the o rings on them from this site if so please let me know if it worked and how long you have been driving on them? It seems like everyone is boring out and sleeving the bores with the kit from...
  17. J

    2003 overdrive band

    Is there a way to check the band to see if it is broken without pulling the trans? I have checked the threads for two days and have found some very good info on my problem. My overdrive light is blinking, missing gears 2 and 5, brought it to the transmission shop and they confirmed on the...
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    Engine wouldn't start, then a servo noise, then it starts.

    Hello all. This would be my first post, I've learned quite a bit so far and thank you for that. My issue was/is I tried to start my 00 explorer sport and it just cranked and cranked. The battery is new, the starter should be fine along with the alternator. I stopped cranking and looked into the...
  19. A4LD 4X4 with modulator, servo, and tag locations.

    A4LD 4X4 with modulator, servo, and tag locations.

  20. A4ld