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solenoid pack

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    5R55E valve body and solenoid pack - Free to a good home

    Cleaning out the garage and found a 5R55E valve body and solenoid pack from my old 2007 Ford Explorer 4.0 V6. Working condition AFAIK. Free to a good home, as I no longer have my Explorer. Pick up locally (Indianapolis, IN area), or you pay to have shipped to you.
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    Underhood winch solenoid pack?

    I am just about to do the 3"BL and that will leave room to stuff an 8K between the frame rails, but not the solenoid pack. I have read on here that some manage to put it under the hood, so I opened up and took a look... hmmm. For the life of me I can't see where that box could possibly fit...
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    Solenoid Pack replacement 4L2P with 1L2P

    Hello guys, I need to replace the solenoid pack for my 2005 with 5R55S transmission. The part number I removed from the car is the 4L2P-7G391-AA, i ordered on ebay a replacement and i got the 1L2P 7G391 AF. Do you know what is the difference between these solenoid packs??? Can i install the...
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    Transmission help anyone?

    2003 4.0 mounty, drives great except... If i stop suddenly, stop sign for example, and my speed is such that it is maybe a little harsh, the transmission disengages, and i can feel and hear a slight clunk. Give her a little gas, after 4-5 seconds she catches. A slow stop us fine, but 30...
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    Solenoid pack help

    I recently felt hard shifting when driving my automatic '04 explorer and determined it was the solenoid pack. So, I replaced the solenoid just how the tutorials have said and replenished the fluid from it but whenever but after I tried to reset it, it wouldn't shift gears and is stuck in first...
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    '03 Transmission problem - is it the solenoid pack, or.....?

    Bought a 2003 Eddie Bauer 4.0 4X4 from my cousin, who had it since new. Currently 107K on the clock. She sold it to me because the O/D light started flashing and "check transmission" message came across the info center, and she didn't want to fool with a transmission replacement. It is slow to...
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    2005 5R55S Hard shifting, loss of 2nd gear, slipping 2nd & 5th on engagement

    I am posting this to help anyone experiencing the symptoms my 2005 4.6L AWD Explorer had when I bought it. I got the Explorer used at 97K miles with no history of the vehicle. I noticed at around 100K miles it appeared to slip in 5th. I researched this and found the SK5R55W/S Shift kit online...
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    Where to buy transmission solenoid pack for 2002-2005 explorer

    Hello forum members, I recently purchased a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT. I do know that I need to replace the transmission solenoid pack. I have seen prices from $200 up to $600 of course the latter is from the dealer. Does anybody have any credible sources where I can get a new or rebuilt...
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    4x4HI Flashing and OD Light Flashing

    Ok, I've read through many threads on my problems. It seems like it might be a separate issue. First, the OD light flashing. I read and came to the conclusion it was the solenoid pack. I replaced that. It shifts much smoother, but the OD light is still flashing! I cleared all the...
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    '03 Explorer P0775 solenoid?

    Not sure if this was the right place to start this thread, but here I go... I noticed flashing o/d light and hard shiftting from 1st to 2nd. So I take it to my mechanic and he scans it and comes up with code P0775 Pressure Control Solenoid B. I then replaced the solenoid block with a...
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    VSS, TCC or engine miss, oh my!

    First clue: During a couple of snow storms last winter, felt like tranny was intermittently downshifting. Occurred most often around 50-55mph and approx 1600 rpm. Now feels like torque converter is intermittently locking/unlocking under light to medium load all gears. Feels like going over...
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    5R55W Solenoid Pack Question

    Hello all, still no answer regarding the hard downshift question re my 02 Mountaineer. Don't really want to buy a new solenoid pack at close to $300 unless I'm pretty sure it will fix the problem. This leads me to my question: Does the solenoid pack control lock-up of the torque converter...