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  1. M

    Looking for a suspension lift kit

    Hi, I own 2006 EB, and I'm looking for a lift kit. I'm not interested in space bars, rather at least Spring, but better whole strut (with suspension) - in my understanding this model features a coil over configuration. Now, I'm a foreigner, in my country only 2.5" lift allowed, and the kit...
  2. S

    Explorer - Courier Leaf Springs?

    hi there, I’ve just been doing some research on getting some new leaf springs for my 99 Ford Explorer XLT. Upon closer inspection, I’ve seen that the leaf springs from the Explorer and the springs from the courier look very very similar.. my question is, can a courier leaf spring fit on a Ford...
  3. Suspension Final 1

    Suspension Final 1

  4. Front Suspension

    Front Suspension

    Front spring pocket installed, frame has been notched to clear the spring
  5. M

    Possible bad rear strut? (picture)

    Hi all, I've been hearing a strange metal popping sound coming from the rear suspension ever since I took my car to the garage to have a bolt drilled out (front sway bar bushing bracket). It sounded like a spring to me but honestly it could be anything. Here's a picture of the strut in...
  6. The spring has to go into the hole in the bracket.

    The spring has to go into the hole in the bracket.

    This is a sliding door latch modification to prevent it from jamming.
  7. The L bracket keeps the spring in place.

    The L bracket keeps the spring in place.

    The sliding door latch on an Aerostar was modified to keep the return spring in place.
  8. T

    Coil spring spacers question

    I have some 2 inch coil spring spacers that i want to put on my 1992 4x4 explorer today. Do i have to use a coil spring compressor tool? id like to not use one if i can
  9. B

    Squeaking in the front end.

    Ok so i just bought my first vehicle, and its a 1999 ford explorer xlt 4.0 SOHC 4x4 with almost 200,000 miles on it. Its a great truck and will have pictures up soon but when i turn side to side it squeals... even if im sitting still...and it squeals when the front of the truck goes up and...
  10. B

    door jam codes?

    I was looking at my explorer's door jam sticker and I want to know what my spring code is. It says "w u" under the spring column.
  11. Spring lock release tools.

    Spring lock release tools.

    The long needle nose pliers comes in handy for extracting & installing orifice tubes.
  12. G

    Parking break handle coil wire spring

    Hi all. This is my first question on explorerforum. The coil spring of the parking break handle broke. Does anyone knows the part number or where to find a equivalent coil spring? Here you can see the place where it broke: I don't have the missing part of the spring, so I don't...
  13. M

    my spring break.

    so i decided to go see my master welder grandpa for a few days over spring break and i wanna show off some handywork. gettin ready to replace the reese hitch. done! project 2: RA bushings done! after a little bit of wobbled hole restoration...... WOOT! no more clunk we...
  14. D

    Coil Spring Replacement Suggestions?

    Hey guys, I've got an '02 Ex 4x4, and like alot of other guys with the '02's, both my rear springs are broken in multiple spots. I'm getting set to replace the rear springs as well as all 4 shocks. I've done some searching on the forum and have come up short with suggestions on what springs to...
  15. TSB 92-5-12 Case spring in the converter channel of an A4LD transmission.

    TSB 92-5-12 Case spring in the converter channel of an A4LD transmission.

    A spring was installed in the transmission case worm trail to trap large machining chips, and reduce engine stall complaints caused by the stuck converter lock-up valve in the main control of the transmission. This spring should not be installed in transmissions built prior to 8/21/91.
  16. The spring with the blade guard removed.

    The spring with the blade guard removed.

  17. The spring of the blade guard.

    The spring of the blade guard.

  18. C

    Door Lock Problem - 2001 Explorer Sport

    Hey all, I'm brand new to this or any forum for that matter. I saw a few posts regarding door latch problems and how they were fixed. I don't believe my problem is with the actual exterior or interior handle, I'm thinking that it is more with the actual piece that keeps the door closed (I...
  19. N

    Rear Leaf Spring Shackles

    ... Anyone know where I can get/order rear leaf spring shackles for my 96 explorer xlt?? Thanks
  20. flex rear

    flex rear

  21. flexing


  22. soa


    after the SOA
  23. sua


    before the SOA
  24. front view of rear mount for my leaf springs.(Front of truck)

    front view of rear mount for my leaf springs.(Front of truck)

    This is a front view of my rear leaf mount for my front leaf springs.
  25. Before Spring Over

    Before Spring Over