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    Miracle in a bottle for Timing Chain tensioner?

    Hi everyone, new here (I've been reading for a while and finally registered:) and I have a question about an oil treatment that is supposed to help clear the ports on the hydraulic timing chain tensioner. My 2003 Sport Trac (XLT, 4WD, 4.0L SOHC) has 231k miles on it, and has been running smooth...
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    Serpentine belt, tighten tensioner pulley

    For #reasons I've replaced the alternator in my 1999 Explorer. Not only is it the first Ford I've had since my 1978 Ford Econoline, but it's my first alternator replacement. Yay for me. I've done enough work on vehicles that I neglected to look up instructions before I started work and didn't...
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    Stalling when in Gear along with Flickering Lights

    I have a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 V8. It starts but stalls within a few seconds. I recently did a bunch of work to it (intake gaskets, valve cover gaskets, valve cover, vct sensor, crank sensor, etc) and now when I start it I hear a squealing/whining noise coming from the belt. I'm thinking...
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    4.0 OHV Correct Belt Tensioner?

    Hey everyone. So it’s been a long time since I last replaced my tensioner and I really can’t remember what kind the ohv uses. I see Gates “round locator pin” and “v locator tab” on amazon, and both are listed as fitting my truck. I think I replaced it with the v tensioner last time but I’m not...
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    Timing chain tensioner leak

    I replaced the left head timing chain tensioner on my Sport Trac, but I didn't realize that it was not threading into the head straight. I removed it and put it in straight with a new washer, and tightened it to the correct torque, my torque wrench could easily be out of calibration, because...
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    4.6L engine knock after new belt tensioner

    2003 Merc Mountaineer Premier 4.6 The engine was knocking about 3 weeks ago and it was determined the belt tensioner failed so i changed that. I didn’t change the belt at that time. Now a few weeks later the engine is knocking but I can’t ID where it’s coming from. Its definitely a knock (not a...
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    New Cloyes Tensioners for cold start rattle....

    Hey everyone I have a 1999 sport 4.0 SOHC with 140k. I picked it up in decent shape and fixed up just about everything and drove her another 1,000 miles or more to make sure it was tip top. New BFG AT KO2s, new recliner, sear track, wiper motor, trim bits, tstat, fluids etc I decided to replace...
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    2006 Explorer 4.6 Timing Guides

    I've got a 06 Ford Explorer 4.6 with the tow package that has around 133k on it. I bought the vehicle a couple of weeks ago and have no idea of its history. My question is would it be good medicine to replace the timing chain, timing guides, and tensioners while I do all the regular maintenance...
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    2004 4.6L V8 - Belt Slipping Laterally

    (( In case anyone asks, this truck has seen 165k+ miles, primarily around the New Jersey coastline where it is really wet & salty. Hence he surface corrosion on nearly everything and the quarter panel )) Originally I replaced this idle pulley yesterday, which had been stuck long enough to...
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    Quick Question about Timing Chain Tensioners

    Hello All, This may be a dumb question but I need to drain the oil before replacing the rear passenger side timing chain tensioner and the front driver side timing chain tensioner, correct?
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    Help Diagnose "Jumpy" Belt Tensioner (VIDEO)

    Hi all, Been struggling to pin down an issue under the hood of my 2002 XLT 4.0L V6. Last week the large coolant hose that runs from the bottom of the coolant reservoir to the bottom of the radiator was CUT and started spewing coolant everywhere! Fun! :confused: I found out that the...
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    Idler came loose. Can't replace serpentine

    I have a 5.0L AWD 97 Explorer. My serpentine had been making noise while idling for a while now. It came loose today and I went to replace it, and this is what I found where the idler should be. Whatever fastens it to the engine was gone and it was just hanging on a peg. Both it and the idler...
  13. M

    4.0L Timing Chain Replacement

    Well it has come that time where I need to start doing some thinking about my vehicle. I'm at 105k right now, and I feel like I have crested that hill on reliability. So far all I have replaced is minor things (Fuel pressure sensor, wheel bearing, balljoints, ect.) Well now bigger things are...
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    Fan belt tensioner stuck!?

    I'm in the process of my first DIY water pump replacement on my 2005 ford explorer sport trac rear wheel drive 4.0L v6 SOHC and am trying to pull up or ppush down on the tensioner to free the belt but I cannot seem to make the tensioner break free from position. Any suggestions?
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    How common is it to have the timing chain rattle with an intact main tensioner?

    I just finished the front timing chains, plugs, and wires on my 2002 Explorer last night. I had the famous rattle from about 2,200 to 2,800 RPM and it started in January at about 128,000 miles. I fully expected to see the main chain flopping around and bits of plastic in the oil pan and...
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    Timing chain tensioner problem?

    I have a 2002 4.0L Explorer. It recently had a broken timing chain tensioner on the rear timing chain. Being out of work, and broke and all, and this being my only transpo, my friends and I pulled the engine and replaced the timing chain & gears on the back. We used the timing chain...
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    Squealing/Tensioner shaking?

    A few days ago I started getting a squealing noise coming from under the hood whenever I accelerated on my way to work. Later that day I looked at the belt but it appears fine, no cracks and all of the grooves are still there. I noticed some dry mud on one of the pulleys. I cleaned it off and...
  18. R

    Returning squeal

    So, I have a squeal under the hood. I know I had posted about this previously, but I thought I had fixed it with the replacement of the water pump and belt. Now, after that, the squeal was gone for a few days, but it seems to come back. I replace the belt, squeal goes away, then returns. I've...
  19. Tensioner hardware installation kit.

    Tensioner hardware installation kit.

  20. Automatic tensioner rear.

    Automatic tensioner rear.

  21. Automatic tensioner front.

    Automatic tensioner front.

  22. 3.0L automatic belt tensioner.

    3.0L automatic belt tensioner.

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    Rattling/Tinging Noise

    I have a '99 XLS 4.0 and there is a rattling/tinging noise coming from somewhere around the serpentine belt tensioner. Not so much when it's idling but when I rev it, it is very noticeable. I thought it coulda been the tensioner itself cuz it looks rather wobbly, but when I removed the belt and...
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    Brand new serpentine belt has started squeaking

    I know what you're thinking already. This is some noob who thinks his belt is squeaking when really one of his components is. That's not it, though. Without the belt, the noise disappears. The full story: a couple months ago, the belt tensioner went bad really fast on my '97 V8 AWD Ex. I...
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    Broken Tensioner?

    I have a 1997 4X4 Explorer, As I was speeding up on the highway yesterday on my way home my drivebelt started squeaking. I pulled over at the next gas station, turned my car off and looked under the hood. I noticed the drive belt wasn't tight at all. I decided to just get a better look at home...