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towing a travel trailer

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    A little towing insight please?

    Hi there! So, I've been creeping on this forum for years and well, finally, I've found myself needing to post and ask for help! It's came in handy when it came to our Mountaineer (which made it to a whopping 432,000 miles), but that aside; I recently purchased a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT -...
  2. M

    Explorer brake controller?

    Does anyone know if ST has built in trailer brake controller?
  3. A

    99 Explorer towing

    I own a 99 Explorer AWD with 250,000 miles on it, and I’m moving from MN to FL (1600 miles) I was hoping to take a 6x8x3 pop up camper turned trailer for the drive down there, I have heard some negative things about towing long distance, I was wondering if it’s a good idea to take it? I’m...
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    Towing with V8 versus V6

    I have a 2011 Ranger 4dr SuperCab 4.0L with Class III Facktory Tow Package. Auto trans with trans cooler. Current 82,000 miles in perfect running condition. Bought 12/17 with 59,000 - was sold 2x previously as Ford Certified Used - all maintenance by the book. Last trans fluid and filter change...
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    Trailer Brake Controller Recommendation?

    This summer I will be towing a 17.5' travel trailer. Since it it over 1500 lbs the rental company requires a trailer brake controller in my vehicle. Looking for recommendations of what one I should get. '13 Exp Sport w/tow package. Thanks
  6. J

    towing performance

    Hey folks- I've had the Explorer for almost 3 years now and just purchased a travel trailer (see signature). The Explorer does fine towing, but I'm getting 10-13mpg at best. I've been researching ways to improve gas mileage. So far, my ideas are: Icon AeroShield to improve...
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    2018 Explorer Sport - Towing a Travel Trailer

    Hello, Been a long time Ford owner, but about to venture into towing for the first time. I just bought a 2018 Explorer Sport (w/ V6 Ecoboost) and will be buying a camping trailer within the next few weeks. I understand the 500/5,000 max weights in the owner manual, and am curious if anyone on...
  8. R

    Newbie Question: Towing a Popup Camper

    Hi All! New to the forum here, so thank you for answering my question. I apologize if this has already been asked. I attempted to look through the forums already to find a similar situation. I am planning on purchasing a used 2015 - 2017 Explorer this summer. Most of the Explorers I have seen...
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    Brand New Ford Explorer Owner, Newbie to Forum And Very Happy Owner

    Hi out there, The wife and I are proud owners of a new 2017 Ford Explorer 3.5L, not ecoboost (Not in the budget) XLT. Just picked it up on Friday, did a drive through the mountains, awesome, love it! We purchased this as we want to buy a camper to pull to hit the mountains this comming year...
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    2016 XLT 3.5 - Explorer Noobe

    Lot's of Fords in the family but this is my first. Love the ride and pretty much everything about this vehicle so far after 18 months. Dealership says the trans cooler is built in at the factory. Just curious if anyone is doing much towing with this vehicle. I have a boat and am thinking...
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    Towing insight needed for 2013 Explorer TONGUE weight

    I've got an interesting question on tongue weight and thought the seasoned towing vets could chime in and offer their thoughts/opinions. I've got a 2013 Explorer XLT 4x4. Looking at a used travel trailer. I've read up on towing basics and got the whole GCWR things down. We'll be well within...
  12. S

    2013 4WD Explorer - Towing Hybrid Trailer

    Last year my husband and I fell in love with and bought our 2013 Explorer. We didn't buy it with any intention of wanting to buy a camper, but now here we are a year and a half later, looking at travel trailers. Needless to say we did not get the tow package, but I've been told by the dealer the...
  13. K

    Towing capacity

    We have a 2011 Ford Explorer 4 wheel drive with tow package. We are shopping for a travel trailer for camping. Is anyone towing a trailer 4300 lbs dry weight? Or heavier? We were thinking the max dry weight is 4300 lbs leaving 700 lbs for water tanks, propane, food, camping gear, etc...