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    A Pillar / Spotlight ????

    Greetings fellow PI owners. I am getting my 2013 PIU ready for sale, and addressing the windshield A Pillar moulding issue. I have already replaced the passenger side moulding, Drivers side has a spotlight on it. In your opinion, should I just remove the spot and put the moulding on or should I...
  2. A

    WeatherTech Sunroof Wind Deflector

    Anybody use the WeatherTech sunroof wind and bug deflector on a (2017) Explorer? I purchased the cargo liner from WeatherTech and it fit cleanly and is working well, but the deflectors seem to have mixed reviews on the interwebs...
  3. K

    Windshield Bottom Molding

    Has anyone had to replace the weather strip/molding at the BOTTOM of their windshields? I'm trying to find there part here body--glass-windshield but can't seem to find the bottom strip. It's between the plastic piece holding windshield wipers and the windshield itself. Mine is crumbling apart...
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    Wiper Blade Skipping

    Hi Everyone, I own a 2018 Ford Explorer Platinum 3.5L V6. So far the vehicle has been pretty good going. One issue that bugs me is my wiper blades/arms. They always skip/hop/rattle/judder across the windscreen whenever they are used. I replaced the stock wiper blades with some Bosch Beam Icon™...
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    Windshield Compatibility

    I was wondering if it was possible to put a DW1474 windshield for a gen3 Explorer into a gen2 Explorer? DW1206 is the windshield for gen2, but RockAuto (and others) seem to think that DW1206 will work for gen2 and gen3 Explorers. So maybe DW1474 would work for both too? BUT! Other sites say...
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    2013 Ford Explorer washer fluid nozzles not spraying?

    Hey all, I have a 2013 Ford Explorer base model. The windshield washers are no longer spraying at all. You can hear a pump/motor noise when you press the button for them to spray, but nothing is coming out of either nozzle. The reservoir is full. 1.) Does this sound like an issue with the...
  7. K

    Windshield weatherstrip

    The other day as I was driving down the highway I realized there was a long back piece of weather stripping flapping around the windshield. As I rolled down the window to grab it I watched it zip past me into the traffic and onto the ground. When I arrived home I checked out the windshield and...
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    windshield interchangability

    hey guys i have a 2006 explorer xlt. my windshield has a massive crack in it and i need to replace it before winter. i thought instead of getting one from ford ill check my local scrap yard where I have had luck with other parts. when my hatch window was smashed i bought a third gen full hatch...
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    Sport Trac Glass?

    I recently came into possession of a window that I was told was for a Ford Explorer Sportrac. The only way I can identify it is by some numbers on it. It says Ford Carlite tempered as3 dot 287 m203 db09768ypy. Does anyone have any idea what it would go to?
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    Who Has a 3rd Gen W/ Tinted Windshield?!

    I know there are a lot of people who frown upon full windshield tinting but I know I'm not the only one who wants it... or has it. I wanna get mine done but I don't wanna go too dark so I need some pictures to compare too my 3rd gen explorer. I was thinking 35% or 40%
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    Heat for defrost is not as hot as panel

    When heater is put into defrost airflow, then the heat is not as hot as in panel airflow. Is this normal? I don't have clicking noises in front, though rear AC does click and requires replacing both temperature blend and direction control motors. But this is about front module. From what I...
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    Squeaking noise while driving/rough idle

    Hey guys I just joined the forum and wanted to ask about a few things: 1) While driving i can hear a squeaking noise coming from the underside of my car, sometimes i don't hear it at all but typically as i accelerate the noise's frequency goes up. I was wondering if maybe i just need to lube my...
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    windshield wiper mod

    just a lil something i 97 explorer came with 18 inch wiper blades..replaced today with 21 inch blades clipped right on, still form to the windshield properly and wipes a much larger path.
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    Windshield wipers do not work

    Hello all. I have a 95 explorer 2 door that I have been having issues with the wipers on. I had a new multifunction switch put in and I'm on a newly refurbished GEM. The wipers only worked when it was warm out when I first got the car but now they don't work at all. The first GEM I had put in...
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    1991 windshield washer motor not working

    I just bought this old girl. Runs like a top but the windshield washer motor doesn't work. Pulled the plug and checked the voltage and it was only about 4 volts. What;s with that? I was going to put 12 volts to the motor to see if it was any good, nut decided I'd check with you people first. Is...
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    Wanted Wiper arm compatibility for '01 Sport?

    So my wiper arms are losing tension and I want to replace them (or at least one of them) before the heavy snow starts to fall but it's incredibly hard to find a place that carries them in the greater Toronto area. So I turned to e-bay and found some for a reasonable price but none specifically...
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    Windshield & Windows Keep Fogging Up

    I've got a 1988 Bronco ll that I've owned for @ 6 months. Earlier in the summer, I had the air conditioning converted and recharged. It has worked well, but it seems that maybe the compressor is cycling more often than I would have expected. In the last 6-8 weeks, I've had a problem with...
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    windshield washer fluid not being dispensed?

    I have a 2000 XLT Ex and when I push in the stalk on the steering wheel, windshield washer fluid doesn't get dispensed to the windshield. I can't even hear a noise that it wants to work. Is there a motor for windshield wiper fluid or is there something else I should check? Where would the...