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04 explorer aftermarket stereo options?


March 20, 2013
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98 explorer xlt
Hey all....I was just woundering....I got a limited 04 with a dvd player and it plays thru the stereo as well as the head phones if I get a aftermarket stereo will it still play thru the stereo? And how can I tell if I have premium sound system?

All I've found is a big no. But I haven't yet given up. The problem you'll have (I believe) is the Corporate Protocol A and B which runs to the DVD player. Don't know if it's part of the CAN Bus system or not. I'm still playing with mine to figure it out. It would be nice to find someone who's done it successfully. I don't think the DVD player will work at all.

But if I was to get a aftermarket radio....would the dvd player still play? Thru the headphones? Only thing that really keeps my kids sane lol

Go to Best Buy or the like and speak with their installation department. If you find someone there that has, find the trick and let us know. I picked up two rear DVD players from the wrecking yard for $30 each. I was hoping to install them. Haven't had time to mess with it myself yet.