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1990 Ranger


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August 19, 2009
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93 XLT
I have a 1990 Ranger. This past winter I honked my horn at a deer, it worked the first time, then stopped working. This had happened once before, but started working again. The relay is clicking (so I think it is working). The fuse keeps blowing immediately after insertion. I believe there is a short between there and the horns. I have searched the forums, and believe that I have a short somewhere between the fuse box and the horn itself. Some others have had a problem with the mounting bolt being loose (apparently that is the ground). My bolt is solidly mounted. I am getting 12v at the fuse, and nothing where the wiring harness connects to the two blue wires going to the two horns. Any ideas where this short could be? Thanks

okay, I have traced the blue wire all the way to the christmas tree that goes through the firewall on the drivers side. No power. I checked the blue wire that goes into the relay (which clicks when I press the horn. No power.

maybe the horn itself it broke? or atleast the first bridged one?
after i hit a tree offroading mine stopped working. then one day sounded really sad and low like it was fighting itself it make noise, then never worked again. but the relay still clicks. never actually looked at my horns, but i know theyre busted.

fixed it. Stupid me was checking for power with the circuit open. Had my dad hold down on the horn, both were getting power. The bolt grounding them/holding them on was on very tight, but there was some dust and corrosion. Hit it with WD40, and a hammer a few times. Works. Thanks guys.