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1991 Explorer driveshaft -E-torx fastener question

I'm planning on doing the rear driveshaft u-joints soon my '92. Just got under today to take a look and try my luck with the 12mm box end wrench. No luck budging the bolts.
Has anyone used a propane blow torch to heat them as Brutus93 did on his mustang? Is there any safety issue by torching this area - front and back of the driveshaft (ie. too close to gas tank, grease on the bolts, fire hazard, etc.) All I have is a floor jack to I'll have to be on my back laying on the ground when heating and don't want anything exploding in my face or catch fire!!
Any advice on how free the bolts with ease would be great. Anyone tried doing the u-joints without removing the driveshaft? Or is it a must to remove it (I know...dumb question)?


On my '92, I just sprayed the bolts with a penetrating oil, called Liquid Torch, made by Castle Products. I did this the night before the job to let it soak in, then hit it again on the mornig of the job. Using the 12 mm 12-point socket and a short extension bar, the bolts came out easily.