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1996 x thumping from transfer case?


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November 28, 2009
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i have a "thumping" sound coming from i believe is the trasfer case. the thumping is not beating to the pace at which the tires turn so thats what makes me believe its the trasfer case. Its not thumping all the time and when it does, i turn the 4x4 switch to 4wd auto and thumping stops. It seems like the 4wd is tryin to kick in . the switch is turned all the way to the left. It doesn't thump at highway speeds. Only at 5-25 mph. iv'e had this "thumping" sound for over a year now so there doesn't look to be any long time effects. Any ideas what it might be and can i disconnect a wire or something to get rid of the thumping sound?....thank for any help or ideas.

Your not the only one

Hey Man, I am having this same exact problem i noticed this is an old post but was wondering if you figured out what the problem was? i really like this truck and wold love a solution to fix it instead of getting rid of it because of this problem.

After 2 years of troubleshooting, i found that i just had a low fluid level in the transfer case. Filled it up and noise dissappeared. Check your fluid level. If its low, thats probably what it is. GOOD LUCK